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We believe what Paradise gives guests will always be less than what guests give us. We are always indebted to them for their everlasting love and invaluable feedback. No matter how much we give, what we get in return for our labours is truly priceless. Right from our humble beginnings, we believed in doing our best and listening to the honest feedback from guests.

Even today, that commitment remains unchanged, but how we listen to feedback broadened in scope. In the early days, it was delivered at the counter, but now most of it comes from social media. This is both the cause and effect of our formidable social media presence across channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and this blog.

We invest a lot of time in listening to conversations on these channels. From time to time, we pick constructive feedback and useful suggestions that we can (or should) implement. This presence also offers us an incredible way to communicate with our guests about new dishes, festivals, recommendations and special offers. We regularly conduct contests to engage guests.

If you want to keep up with action at Paradise in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, please sign on to your favourite social media platform and join the conversation. Follow, read and like stories about the memorable experiences that our guests are enjoying. If you want to join the dialogue, all you have to do is to post or comment. We are listening!


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