A perfect start

A Hyderabadi meal is a fulfilling – and filling – affair. A person with even the most generous of appetites will feel full and completely sated after a Biryani lunch. For the best experience, one must have it in a relaxed manner over multiple courses trying out everything from Kebabs and Curries to Biryani and Desserts.

soupsNot just that, how you begin the meal also matters. We recommend trying our hot soups to prepare for an elaborate meal. Some great soups we serve are:

Tomato Soup: This classic, creamy soup with balanced sweet and tangy notes remains one of the best soups ever.
Veg Hot & Sour Soup: Begin your meal perfectly with this warm and flavourful concoction of vegetables and spices.
Chicken Manchow Soup: Topped off with crispy noodles, the spicy and smoky flavour of this Soup tingles your taste buds.
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup: Shredded chicken pieces, perfectly boiled sweet corn, and fresh vegetables come together with great effect in this soup.

Served piping hot, our soups work up your appetite and interest as you prepare for the royal Hyderabadi feast. Avail a 20% discount now on all our soups at our Restaurants.


Consistency is king!

Consistency is the holy grail of all leading food brands. For restaurants with presence at multiple locations, it is also one of the most challenging things to achieve. Making sure that guests enjoy excellent cuisine and service every single time they visit a restaurant determines how well it can scale and grow. When it comes to consistency, there are no second chances.

Chicken Biryani_finalAt Paradise, we understand the importance of delighting our guests every time they visit any of our 12 outlets. We understand the expectations of our guests are high and meeting them requires discipline, diligence and dedication. For the last two years, we have been focusing on this important aspect to ensure that we grow our business and quality at the same time.

We constituted a cross-functional team in place, which is overseen by the top management. This team recommends and puts in place the processes that help us deliver the signature Paradise experience to all our guests across locations and visits. The team focuses on the continuous improvement of areas as diverse as security, ambience, billing, food and service.

Working towards ensuring a delightful experience for guests across all our outlets is a continuous work in progress. It demands rigorous attention to detail because Hyderabadi cuisine, with its myriad ingredients and elaborate cooking procedures, is challenging even for the best of Chefs. We promise you that we are steadily getting there.

Twelve and counting!

Lovers of Hyderabadi food never had it so good. For a long time, one had to visit our only Food Court at Secunderabad to enjoy Paradise Biryani and Kebabs.  Now, we operate twelve Food Courts spread across India’s two most vibrant cities: Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Thanks to the love of our guests, most of these have become landmarks of sorts.Blog-12

Given the expectations our guests have from us, it is important to ensure consistency of food and service across Restaurants and across visits. For us, this is a continuous effort, a perpetual work in progress. Judging from the great feedback we have been receiving from our new outlets in Bengaluru, we believe we are heading in the right direction.

To keep our menu interesting, we are adding several new varieties from time to time. We are also conducting special festivals, like the Mazedar Kebab Festival and Veg Fiesta to serve new dishes to regular guests. In select Restaurants, we are also serving a special Hyderabadi breakfast. Our goal is to be your favourite food destination.

Opening our twelfth outlet in Koramangala was a proud moment for us, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far. Retracing our growth from a modest café to one of the most-admired Restaurant chains in the country was an inspiring experience. We also looked at the future and saw the immense promise it holds for us. We can only say that we’ve never been happier.

Paradise Koramangala off to a great start

3O6B0253There’s so much action happening at Koramangala, that one has to shout to get noticed, metaphorically speaking. Our new Food Court has done exactly that. We are very happy to tell you that the Restaurant was an instant hit with diners and we are seeing a steady stream of guests. Right from the opening day, the Restaurant has got the town talking.

3O6B0595Like always, we are tuned into feedback coming from multiple channels, from feedback cards, from informal surveys and of course from social media. The initial response has been heartening. Guests love the convenience of enjoying authentic Hyderabadi cuisine from Paradise in a location that they frequent, especially during weekends.

3O6B0508Guests also have great things to say about the splendid interiors and gracious service. Many guests appreciated photographs of Chefs making Hyderabadi cuisine that line the walls. At Paradise, we always believed that both good food and great service are equally important to create memorable experiences for guests and it is happy to see encouraging feedback in this area.

For companies and start-ups located in Koramangala, the Takeaway offers excellent value combos to keep hunger away. The service is swift and the packaging world-class. The best feedback, however, has been reserved for food. Guests unanimously appreciated the food on offer. It is 100% pure and delicious, like what you would expect from Paradise.

Drop by our Koramangala Restaurant (on 80 ft Road, 4th Block) and relish the royal feast.

We are a family of thousands!

Today, Paradise is recognised by many as the soul of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, a place that serves the world’s favourite Biryani. Food pundits look at us as the true cultural ambassadors of the Nizami cuisine, as one of the most admired food brands in the country. Most people, we assume, would find it hard to look at Paradise an employer.

With a couple of thousand employees, we are not only a big employer, but also a great one. If we did not have the right team, we wouldn’t have got where we are today. Chefs, kitchen staff, waiters, security and office personnel, everyone plays their part in ensuring that we delight our guests. Everyday, they live our values of honesty, hard work, hygiene and hospitality with passion.

At most of our Restaurants, work begins at 3 AM (yes, great food takes time) and ends around 12 AM. We have thousands of people working in shifts to consistently bring you the cuisine you love. We hire energetic people who have a natural flair for cuisine and service, people who always wear an endearing smile and ensure you leave smiling too.

Hiring the right people is only half the story. We invest heavily in training our employees to help them acquire the necessary skills to do their jobs well. We look after them like our family members. We encourage collaboration between teams to provide our guests with signature Paradise experience every time. Along with our guests, it is to them that we owe our success.