Paradise Koramangala off to a great start

3O6B0253There’s so much action happening at Koramangala, that one has to shout to get noticed, metaphorically speaking. Our new Food Court has done exactly that. We are very happy to tell you that the Restaurant was an instant hit with diners and we are seeing a steady stream of guests. Right from the opening day, the Restaurant has got the town talking.

3O6B0595Like always, we are tuned into feedback coming from multiple channels, from feedback cards, from informal surveys and of course from social media. The initial response has been heartening. Guests love the convenience of enjoying authentic Hyderabadi cuisine from Paradise in a location that they frequent, especially during weekends.

3O6B0508Guests also have great things to say about the splendid interiors and gracious service. Many guests appreciated photographs of Chefs making Hyderabadi cuisine that line the walls. At Paradise, we always believed that both good food and great service are equally important to create memorable experiences for guests and it is happy to see encouraging feedback in this area.

For companies and start-ups located in Koramangala, the Takeaway offers excellent value combos to keep hunger away. The service is swift and the packaging world-class. The best feedback, however, has been reserved for food. Guests unanimously appreciated the food on offer. It is 100% pure and delicious, like what you would expect from Paradise.

Drop by our Koramangala Restaurant (on 80 ft Road, 4th Block) and relish the royal feast.


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