Twelve and counting!

Lovers of Hyderabadi food never had it so good. For a long time, one had to visit our only Food Court at Secunderabad to enjoy Paradise Biryani and Kebabs.  Now, we operate twelve Food Courts spread across India’s two most vibrant cities: Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Thanks to the love of our guests, most of these have become landmarks of sorts.Blog-12

Given the expectations our guests have from us, it is important to ensure consistency of food and service across Restaurants and across visits. For us, this is a continuous effort, a perpetual work in progress. Judging from the great feedback we have been receiving from our new outlets in Bengaluru, we believe we are heading in the right direction.

To keep our menu interesting, we are adding several new varieties from time to time. We are also conducting special festivals, like the Mazedar Kebab Festival and Veg Fiesta to serve new dishes to regular guests. In select Restaurants, we are also serving a special Hyderabadi breakfast. Our goal is to be your favourite food destination.

Opening our twelfth outlet in Koramangala was a proud moment for us, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far. Retracing our growth from a modest café to one of the most-admired Restaurant chains in the country was an inspiring experience. We also looked at the future and saw the immense promise it holds for us. We can only say that we’ve never been happier.


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