Consistency is king!

Consistency is the holy grail of all leading food brands. For restaurants with presence at multiple locations, it is also one of the most challenging things to achieve. Making sure that guests enjoy excellent cuisine and service every single time they visit a restaurant determines how well it can scale and grow. When it comes to consistency, there are no second chances.

Chicken Biryani_finalAt Paradise, we understand the importance of delighting our guests every time they visit any of our 12 outlets. We understand the expectations of our guests are high and meeting them requires discipline, diligence and dedication. For the last two years, we have been focusing on this important aspect to ensure that we grow our business and quality at the same time.

We constituted a cross-functional team in place, which is overseen by the top management. This team recommends and puts in place the processes that help us deliver the signature Paradise experience to all our guests across locations and visits. The team focuses on the continuous improvement of areas as diverse as security, ambience, billing, food and service.

Working towards ensuring a delightful experience for guests across all our outlets is a continuous work in progress. It demands rigorous attention to detail because Hyderabadi cuisine, with its myriad ingredients and elaborate cooking procedures, is challenging even for the best of Chefs. We promise you that we are steadily getting there.


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