A perfect start

A Hyderabadi meal is a fulfilling – and filling – affair. A person with even the most generous of appetites will feel full and completely sated after a Biryani lunch. For the best experience, one must have it in a relaxed manner over multiple courses trying out everything from Kebabs and Curries to Biryani and Desserts.

soupsNot just that, how you begin the meal also matters. We recommend trying our hot soups to prepare for an elaborate meal. Some great soups we serve are:

Tomato Soup: This classic, creamy soup with balanced sweet and tangy notes remains one of the best soups ever.
Veg Hot & Sour Soup: Begin your meal perfectly with this warm and flavourful concoction of vegetables and spices.
Chicken Manchow Soup: Topped off with crispy noodles, the spicy and smoky flavour of this Soup tingles your taste buds.
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup: Shredded chicken pieces, perfectly boiled sweet corn, and fresh vegetables come together with great effect in this soup.

Served piping hot, our soups work up your appetite and interest as you prepare for the royal Hyderabadi feast. Avail a 20% discount now on all our soups at our Restaurants.


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