Bid farewell to 2015 in style!

Like it always happens every year, everyone is very upbeat as the year draws to a close. Lucky souls to whom 2015 has been generous are brimming with satisfaction and looking to continue their success streak in the New Year too. Those who have had a passable year are looking forward to 2016 to turn the corner and find lasting success.

This is a time for attaining meaningful closure and making new beginnings, for showing gratitude and embracing hope, for renewing aspirations and being happy. We could already see this optimism in our Restaurants as we have been seeing for over 6 decades now, especially at this time of the year. For us, the last week of the year has always been the busiest and most exciting.

Why not? Paradise becomes more so when you come with friends and families to us celebrate the beauty of life. With a sudden cold wave sweeping through the country, the chilly weather makes it just about the perfect time to enjoy hot Kebabs and Biryani. That’s another excuse if you ever wanted one to enjoy your favourite Hyderabadi cuisine.

End the year on a high note and also start the Year with a big celebration with great cuisine at our Restaurants and Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Let’s bid a memorable goodbye to 2015. Leave all your worries behind and step into 2016 with nothing but good memories and lots of hope. We wish you all the very best in the New Year and beyond. We look forward to seeing you at Paradise.


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