Delicious meals and great deals

As it is with most things in life, when it comes to food, change keeps things exciting. No matter how much you love our Biryani, if you do not explore the other dishes on our menu, you are losing out on some of the most sublime experiences. A little adventurism is always a good thing when it comes to food, yet most guests choose to “play it safe” by ordering familiar dishes.

From time to time, Paradise organises special festivals and promotions to encourage guests to go off the beaten track. These have been successful in introducing new dishes – and new favourites – to guests. A Kebab that you have never heard, a starter with a strange name, or a Dessert that tastes irresistibly yummy, these promotions help guests discover something new and exciting.

What’s more? With special promotions, you get better value for money as most of the dishes in the spotlight are offered at a good discount. For example, one recent promotional scheme offers our delectable selection of baked foods – biscuits, plum cakes and cup cakes – at a 10% discount. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relish these confectionaries at a great price.

We invite you to make the most of our promotional schemes and enjoy your old favourites as well as ones that could soon become your new favourites. At Paradise, our focus has always been to consistently serve delicious, high-quality cuisine at prices that are affordable. Our promotions and special offers help us achieve this goal and also keep our cuisine interesting – always.


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