A new Paradise on New BEL Road

One of our resolutions this year is to reach more people. The three Food Courts we opened so far in Bengaluru have been received extremely well by the foodies of the Garden City, thanks to their love for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. All of them are packed to capacity most of the time. During weekends and at peak hours, we are forced to make our dear guests wait, which isn’t something we like.

IMG-20160111-WA0004We tried multiple approaches to reduce the waiting time by streamlining delivery and service procedures, but they only go so far. We realised that time has come for us to open another Food Court, and this time we wanted to choose a location that is a little away from the city’s bustling core, but every bit as special as our other ones. We announce with great pleasure that New BEL Road ,Near BEL Circle will soon host the newest Paradise Food Court.

Given the ocean of traffic that invariably greets us all on roads, we wanted Bengalureans living off the densely crowded urban areas to conveniently enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani. With Orion Mall and ISKCON Temple a 20-minute drive away, it is perfect for a weekend outing where you can combine a shopping and sightseeing trip with an exquisite culinary experience. MS Ramaiah Institute of Management and Medical College are also nearby.

The Food Court houses our Restaurant and Takeaway. With splendid interiors and vibrant lighting, the Restaurant sets the perfect mood for a relaxed meal with friends and family.If you want to enjoy your favourite cuisine while watching your favourite TV show, the Takeaway offers over more than 60 dishes ranging from Rotis and Curries to Kebabs and Biryanis. The Food Court is slated to open on January 16 and it will be open 11 AM to 11 PM. Visit us and let us know what you think.You can also find us on Swiggy, Foodpanda and Foodmingo.


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