Paradise knocking on your doorstep

In our last post, we spoke about the rising popularity of Takeaways across the country. Concurrently, another trend is making things more exciting for foodies and that is home delivery. Gone were the days when you had to call a helpline or go online to order food. Now, you can fire up an app on your smart phone, start browsing restaurants, and order food in minutes.

Home-DeliveryThe choice has also increased dramatically. Previously, only a few big name, fast-food chains used to rule the game, but with the advent of popular food ordering apps, restaurants of all stripes and sizes are getting a chance to serve foodies without investing a fortune on technology. The popular among these apps are Food Mingo, Food Panda and Swiggy.

We are pleased to announce that we are now partnering with these companies to deliver your favourite cuisine. We have a separate fulfilment team that handles orders coming from these apps to ensure that the process is seamless and fast. The menu is comprehensive and it has all the marvels of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine that you have come to love.

Whether you are watching your favourite TV show, or you just want to avoid the blazing sun of the approaching summer, the apps are your shortcut to enjoying delicious food. In fact, it has never been this easier to order Paradise cuisine. Download your favourite app, start ordering in minutes, and put your hunger pangs to rest. Do let us know what your feedback.


Time for a high five!

Well, time flies and how fast! Some people live their life week to week or month to month, but for the last one year, we have been living ours opening to opening. We opened 4 new Food Courts in Bengaluru over the last year and a half. Each new location is almost like a new beginning and it requires careful planning and diligent execution to ensure that it meets your high expectations.

IMG-20160227-WA0000When we look back on all the progress we made, we couldn’t be happier. All our Restaurants have become instantly popular, which goes to show how much Bengalureans appreciate high-quality Hyderabadi cuisine. From quite some time, we have been hearing that there aren’t enough outlets. So, here’s the good news: we are opening our 5th Food Court at JP Nagar! Located on the 24th Main Road near Mayura Circle in the leafy residential neighbourhood of J.P. Nagar, our new Food Court is conveniently accessible to people who have made this area their home. The Restaurant features spacious and colourful interiors to create the perfect mood for a relaxed meal. The Takeaway is conveniently located on the Ground Floor to help people grab a quick parcel home.

The Restaurant and Takeaway serve over 60 marvels that came out of Hyderabadi kitchens. Here, you can enjoy the world’s famous Biryani, tuck into delightful Kebabs, and savour the stimulating taste of the Irani Chai. Every dish on the menu is a connoisseur’s delight, made by top Chefs committed to serving the finest Hyderabadi cuisine. Do check out our new Restaurant today!

Convenience is king

Takeaways are hot. Across India, most people seem to be taking to these places like fish to water, because they are getting busy and their schedules are becoming uncertain. Make no mistake, Dine-in restaurants still retain their charm, but Takeaways cater to a completely different necessity, that is, order favourite food fast without having to disrupt busy daily schedules.

The most popular of restaurants are now opening Takeaways. At Paradise, we have been ahead of the curve, having opened our first Takeaway in the eighties when the concept was still not familiar. Many wondered if it works for Hyderabadi cuisine, given that it is the exact opposite of fast food. Ignore the sceptics, the concept worked so well that the volumes at our Takeaways match those at our Restaurants today.

Our Takeaways are based on three main values: speed, convenience and value. With over 60+ dishes on offer, there’s a lot to choose from among Mughlai, Indian and Chinese varieties. Large menus and helpful displays make it easy to decide on what to order. The billing is straight-forward and the deliveries are fast. As we love to say, you can go from “wish to dish” in a matter of minutes.

Another most important thing people love about our Takeaways is the availability of exclusive combos that offer excellent value for money. With a delectable combination of Starters, Rotis, Curries, Kebabs and Biryanis, they offer our guests an opportunity to enjoy a multi-course meal at home. We use the finest packaging material to ensure that the food remains fresh for a long time.

With 9 Takeaways in Hyderabad and 4 in Bengaluru, no matter where you live in these two cities, you have a Paradise Takeaway nearby. Flight-friendly packaging available.

Your safety is our priority

In our last post, we talked about how Paradise has emerged as the preferred destination for all manner of celebrations over the years. This would have not have come about if we did not focus on some very important things that may sound incidental to the Paradise experience. If not done right though, we believe they could blemish the overall experience. The first on the list is security.

Given that we run some of the largest dine-in Restaurants in the country, we have thousands of guests moving in and out of our Food Courts everyday. Ensuring our guests remain safe is a top priority for us. We have the best-in-class security equipment and procedures to thwart any violence or criminal activities. We also invested in world-class fire protection equipment and procedures.

We also screen guests and their luggage to ensure nothing dangerous gets inside our Food Courts. It may be a minor inconvenience, but we believe it is an important step to ensure the safety of our guests, given that popular landmarks are potential targets for antisocial elements. We also conduct thorough background checks for all our employees.

Our Security staff are dressed in black for guests to identify. People manning the entrance have imposing personalities in order to send a strong sensory message about our intolerance to security incidents. Sometimes, people refer to them mistakenly as “bouncers”, but we promise you that they are as friendly as our service staff.

Whenever you dine at Paradise, be assured that your safety is a top priority for us. We strive in every possible way to make your every visit a memorable experience – only for the right reasons.

Bring your party to Paradise

Paradise has always been a happening place. From the start, we have aspired to be the go-to place for all celebrations, large and small. Today, we are happy to see our guests bringing their happiness to our Restaurants, confident in the knowledge that we will multiply it with good food and great service. It’s an achievement that we are proud of.

Every day, we see guests coming with friends and families to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, promotions and suchlike. We see people taking selfies, sharing a good laugh, and enjoying a hearty meal. In fact, all this laughter and joy is contagious and it rubs off on everyone. If you are feeling downbeat, a visit to Paradise will instantly cheer you up.

We design our dining spaces carefully to ensure that our guests enjoy their meals in an energising and relaxing environment. The open-air seating at our Secunderabad and Hitec City outlets is a good example of this. Our newest Restaurants sport interiors that are bright and roomy. In select Outlets, we also have private spaces that can be reserved for big celebrations.

Of course, the highlight remains the food. With our promise of purity and good taste, we ensure that our food delights you completely. Kebabs, Curries, Biryanis and Desserts, everything on our menu is artfully made to provide you with a memorable experience. For your next party, walk in to a Paradise Food Court and find out why they are preferred destinations for all celebrations.