Bring your party to Paradise

Paradise has always been a happening place. From the start, we have aspired to be the go-to place for all celebrations, large and small. Today, we are happy to see our guests bringing their happiness to our Restaurants, confident in the knowledge that we will multiply it with good food and great service. It’s an achievement that we are proud of.

Every day, we see guests coming with friends and families to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, promotions and suchlike. We see people taking selfies, sharing a good laugh, and enjoying a hearty meal. In fact, all this laughter and joy is contagious and it rubs off on everyone. If you are feeling downbeat, a visit to Paradise will instantly cheer you up.

We design our dining spaces carefully to ensure that our guests enjoy their meals in an energising and relaxing environment. The open-air seating at our Secunderabad and Hitec City outlets is a good example of this. Our newest Restaurants sport interiors that are bright and roomy. In select Outlets, we also have private spaces that can be reserved for big celebrations.

Of course, the highlight remains the food. With our promise of purity and good taste, we ensure that our food delights you completely. Kebabs, Curries, Biryanis and Desserts, everything on our menu is artfully made to provide you with a memorable experience. For your next party, walk in to a Paradise Food Court and find out why they are preferred destinations for all celebrations.


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