Your safety is our priority

In our last post, we talked about how Paradise has emerged as the preferred destination for all manner of celebrations over the years. This would have not have come about if we did not focus on some very important things that may sound incidental to the Paradise experience. If not done right though, we believe they could blemish the overall experience. The first on the list is security.

Given that we run some of the largest dine-in Restaurants in the country, we have thousands of guests moving in and out of our Food Courts everyday. Ensuring our guests remain safe is a top priority for us. We have the best-in-class security equipment and procedures to thwart any violence or criminal activities. We also invested in world-class fire protection equipment and procedures.

We also screen guests and their luggage to ensure nothing dangerous gets inside our Food Courts. It may be a minor inconvenience, but we believe it is an important step to ensure the safety of our guests, given that popular landmarks are potential targets for antisocial elements. We also conduct thorough background checks for all our employees.

Our Security staff are dressed in black for guests to identify. People manning the entrance have imposing personalities in order to send a strong sensory message about our intolerance to security incidents. Sometimes, people refer to them mistakenly as “bouncers”, but we promise you that they are as friendly as our service staff.

Whenever you dine at Paradise, be assured that your safety is a top priority for us. We strive in every possible way to make your every visit a memorable experience – only for the right reasons.


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