Convenience is king

Takeaways are hot. Across India, most people seem to be taking to these places like fish to water, because they are getting busy and their schedules are becoming uncertain. Make no mistake, Dine-in restaurants still retain their charm, but Takeaways cater to a completely different necessity, that is, order favourite food fast without having to disrupt busy daily schedules.

The most popular of restaurants are now opening Takeaways. At Paradise, we have been ahead of the curve, having opened our first Takeaway in the eighties when the concept was still not familiar. Many wondered if it works for Hyderabadi cuisine, given that it is the exact opposite of fast food. Ignore the sceptics, the concept worked so well that the volumes at our Takeaways match those at our Restaurants today.

Our Takeaways are based on three main values: speed, convenience and value. With over 60+ dishes on offer, there’s a lot to choose from among Mughlai, Indian and Chinese varieties. Large menus and helpful displays make it easy to decide on what to order. The billing is straight-forward and the deliveries are fast. As we love to say, you can go from “wish to dish” in a matter of minutes.

Another most important thing people love about our Takeaways is the availability of exclusive combos that offer excellent value for money. With a delectable combination of Starters, Rotis, Curries, Kebabs and Biryanis, they offer our guests an opportunity to enjoy a multi-course meal at home. We use the finest packaging material to ensure that the food remains fresh for a long time.

With 9 Takeaways in Hyderabad and 4 in Bengaluru, no matter where you live in these two cities, you have a Paradise Takeaway nearby. Flight-friendly packaging available.


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