Time for a high five!

Well, time flies and how fast! Some people live their life week to week or month to month, but for the last one year, we have been living ours opening to opening. We opened 4 new Food Courts in Bengaluru over the last year and a half. Each new location is almost like a new beginning and it requires careful planning and diligent execution to ensure that it meets your high expectations.

IMG-20160227-WA0000When we look back on all the progress we made, we couldn’t be happier. All our Restaurants have become instantly popular, which goes to show how much Bengalureans appreciate high-quality Hyderabadi cuisine. From quite some time, we have been hearing that there aren’t enough outlets. So, here’s the good news: we are opening our 5th Food Court at JP Nagar! Located on the 24th Main Road near Mayura Circle in the leafy residential neighbourhood of J.P. Nagar, our new Food Court is conveniently accessible to people who have made this area their home. The Restaurant features spacious and colourful interiors to create the perfect mood for a relaxed meal. The Takeaway is conveniently located on the Ground Floor to help people grab a quick parcel home.

The Restaurant and Takeaway serve over 60 marvels that came out of Hyderabadi kitchens. Here, you can enjoy the world’s famous Biryani, tuck into delightful Kebabs, and savour the stimulating taste of the Irani Chai. Every dish on the menu is a connoisseur’s delight, made by top Chefs committed to serving the finest Hyderabadi cuisine. Do check out our new Restaurant today!


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