Paradise knocking on your doorstep

In our last post, we spoke about the rising popularity of Takeaways across the country. Concurrently, another trend is making things more exciting for foodies and that is home delivery. Gone were the days when you had to call a helpline or go online to order food. Now, you can fire up an app on your smart phone, start browsing restaurants, and order food in minutes.

Home-DeliveryThe choice has also increased dramatically. Previously, only a few big name, fast-food chains used to rule the game, but with the advent of popular food ordering apps, restaurants of all stripes and sizes are getting a chance to serve foodies without investing a fortune on technology. The popular among these apps are Food Mingo, Food Panda and Swiggy.

We are pleased to announce that we are now partnering with these companies to deliver your favourite cuisine. We have a separate fulfilment team that handles orders coming from these apps to ensure that the process is seamless and fast. The menu is comprehensive and it has all the marvels of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine that you have come to love.

Whether you are watching your favourite TV show, or you just want to avoid the blazing sun of the approaching summer, the apps are your shortcut to enjoying delicious food. In fact, it has never been this easier to order Paradise cuisine. Download your favourite app, start ordering in minutes, and put your hunger pangs to rest. Do let us know what your feedback.


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