Happy Holi, everyone!

India’s festive calendar is a rather busy one. Yet, we celebrate each one with lots of enthusiasm. Why not? More than anything, our festivals are a celebration of life. This week, we have the special festival of Holi coming up. The mere mention of Holi calls to mind images of people playfully throwing colour at each other, children running around with their pichkaris, and endless rounds of savoury mithai.

One of the most anticipated festivals, Holi announces the arrival of spring. Young and old, everyone delights in the fun, the dazzle, and the warmth that mark this festival. How wonderful would it be to enjoy a meal complements the buoyant spirit of Holi! This Wednesday, after the festivities, visit Paradise Restaurants to enjoy cuisine that is just as delightful and energising.

Let’s start with the jewel in the crown of Hyderabadi cuisine – the Biryani. A delectable riot of flavours, Paradise Biryani brings together myriad spices, slender Basmati rice, and tender meat or vegetables to give you a uniquely satisfying experience. Everyone enjoys the Biryani and no one ever gets bored by it, no matter how frequently one enjoys it.

It’s not all spice though. For a sweet ending to a Biryani meal, enjoy our Double-ka-Meeta and Qubani-ka-Meeta. Rich, creamy and tantalising, these Desserts melt in your mouth and give your taste buds a heavenly joyride. We cannot recommend them enough. Drop by our Restaurants this Holi to enjoy a royal Hyderabadi meal with friends and family.


Good cricket, great cuisine

IMG-20160315-WA0007Cricket fever is back. With ICC T20 becoming exciting with each match, cricket lovers across the country are glued to television sets. The trajectory of a hotly contested Twenty20 match can change in an over, if not in a ball. That’s all the more reason not to go anywhere and watch the matches ball by ball. What’s more? We have great cuisine to go with the tense cricketing action.

Recently, we started home delivery in partnership with select partners. Swiggy is one of our key ordering and delivery partners. We are pleased to announce a special T20 campaign in exclusive Veg Combopartnership with Swiggy that will last through the tournament. We have specially designed combos at affordable prices that serve 4 people:

Veg Combo@799:
2 Veg Biryanis | 1 Veg Manchurian | 1 Paneer 65 | 2 Double-ka-Meeta

Chicken Combo@999:
2 Chicken Biryanis | 1 Chilli Chicken | 1 Chicken 65 | 2 Double Ka MeetaChicken Combo

Mutton Combo@1099:
2 Mutton Biryanis | 1 Mutton Tikka |1 Mutton Pepper Kebab | 2 Double Ka Meeta

The prices are inclusive of all taxes, so you pay what you see. Invite your friends, fire up your browser, order your favourite combo, and enjoy great cuisine with good cricket.

Saluting the spirit of women

Women are an eternal fountain of love, strength and virtue. It’s hard to think of the world without them, not because they form half of all population, but because of how selflessly they support the other half in achieving their aspirations and attaining happiness. As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends, they nurture and sustain all that is good about life.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, #Paradise salutes the remarkable achievements of women. We also take pride in the fact that, from the beginning, we have focused on creating a welcoming environment to women and families. With each passing day, we see an increasing number of women visiting our Restaurants alone or with friends and colleagues.

This change took time and much effort. Firstly, we created interiors that are clean, elegant and homely. We also set up best-in-class security procedures to ensure that our Restaurants are safe. Facilities like valet parking certainly helped us attract more women. Most importantly, we trained our service staff to treat our women guests with absolute professionalism and respect.

This women’s day, visit our Restaurants and Takeaways to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi cuisine in a welcoming environment. It is a great opportunity to relax and sit down to a hearty meal – a well-deserved rest from the cares of life.