Saluting the spirit of women

Women are an eternal fountain of love, strength and virtue. It’s hard to think of the world without them, not because they form half of all population, but because of how selflessly they support the other half in achieving their aspirations and attaining happiness. As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends, they nurture and sustain all that is good about life.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, #Paradise salutes the remarkable achievements of women. We also take pride in the fact that, from the beginning, we have focused on creating a welcoming environment to women and families. With each passing day, we see an increasing number of women visiting our Restaurants alone or with friends and colleagues.

This change took time and much effort. Firstly, we created interiors that are clean, elegant and homely. We also set up best-in-class security procedures to ensure that our Restaurants are safe. Facilities like valet parking certainly helped us attract more women. Most importantly, we trained our service staff to treat our women guests with absolute professionalism and respect.

This women’s day, visit our Restaurants and Takeaways to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi cuisine in a welcoming environment. It is a great opportunity to relax and sit down to a hearty meal – a well-deserved rest from the cares of life.


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