9 ways to Paradise

Paradise secunderabadHyderabad is a changed place now. The frontiers have been widening and the city has become a sprawling, urban mass. There’s more traffic on the roads and the summers are getting hotter. A lunch or dinner outing is not as easy as before. It requires careful planning and a delayed start may completely scupper your plans.

3O6B0187The good news is that you don’t have to worry. With 9 Outlets across the city, a drive to your nearest Paradise does not take long at all. Be it home or work, there is always a Paradise nearby. Whenever you have a craving for authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, you can head to one of our Outlets and enjoy the “world’s favourite Biryani”.

Paradise food court hitech cityOur idea has always been to reach and delight more people. This is exactly why we have set up new Outlets in areas far from our popular ones, including Himayatnagar, Gachibowli and Kothapet. Some outlets are strategically located near landmarks, like the ones at NTR Gardens and Hitec City. The idea is that it should be easy and convenient to enjoy Paradise cuisine.

If you still want to avoid the traffic or the blazing sun, you can also order Paradise cuisine from the comfort of your home. We have partnered with Swiggy, Food Panda and Food Mingo to deliver asli Hyderabadi khaana to your doorstep. Enjoying your favourite Hyderabadi cuisine has never been this convenient, so treat your taste buds to something special.


The making of the world’s favourite Biryani

What makes Paradise Biryani the World’s Favourite Biryani? You might hear several answers: finest ingredients, traditional cooking style, and a secret ingredient known only to a closed coterie of Chefs whose identities are classified. Most of them are right, except of course, the last one. In this post, we would like to give you the lowdown on our Biryani making process. In fact, if you prefer a video to a post, we have this amazing clip for you. Do share it with friends too.

The signature flavour of our Biryani is the result of four essential elements:

1. Finest Basmati rice: Rice quality makes or breaks the taste and texture of a Biryani, which is why we use the best long-grained Basmati rice you will find anywhere. We also focus equally on preparing the rice before cooking, spending time on carefully washing and soaking it for best results.

2. Tender meat and fresh vegetables: We source the most tender meat and fresh vegetables from a trusted network of suppliers. Our Quality Control procedures help us ensure that only top-grade meat and vegetables get into our kitchens. Our Chefs are particular about the way the meat and vegetables are cut and washed.

3. Premium marinade: Paradise Biryani is made with pure and premium ingredients. It is free of all artificial ingredients. To ensure quality, we make most of it in house – the Chilly Powder, the Ginger Garlic Paste etc. The formula for making the marinade and the exact proportions of spices are meticulously followed.

4. The Dum effect: We follow the traditional and timeless Dum style of cooking where rice and meat are cooked in layers to give our Biryani a uniquely balanced texture. This elaborate recipe infuses our Biryani with mouth-watering aroma and unforgettable taste.

We have been following the above practices steadfastly from our inception in 1953. Every thing remains the same – just as it was on the very first day we opened our doors. One common refrain you hear from people is that the Paradise Biryani has not changed in all these years. That true and it is because the Biryani making process has not changed – just like our passion.

Happy meals, happier moments

paradise kebabsWhat’s a happy meal? It’s a question that elicits many answers. Still, there are some things that constitute every perfect meal. Firstly, a meal has to be pure and satisfying. Two, it has to be elaborate and relaxed. Finally, you should feel good long after you have had it. At Paradise, we aspire to serve delightful meals to our guests every time they visit us.
To ensure impeccable purity and taste, we use premium ingredients and follow a style that respects both tradition and innovation. We continuously refine our culinary technique to serve delectable cuisine to our guests. Our food is also free of all artificial ingredients and preservatives. Hygiene is a top-priority and we have comprehensive procedures to keep our food pure.
A happy Hyderabadi meal should also be spread over multiple courses and it should not be hurried through. Allow your senses to be pampered with creamy soups, scrumptious Kebabs, flavourful Curries and aromatic Biryani. Ending your meal with a delicious Dessert (say Qubani-ka-Meeta) fills you up with pleasure that’s beyond words. It is a meal that’s fit for a king in every sense.
Paradise Desserts
More importantly, the delight should not end with the meal. The pleasant aftertaste and the feeling of goodness that lingers on long after you have had a meal enhances the overall experience. At Paradise, we give our best everyday to ensure that your meal has all these qualities. We want to make every Paradise meal a happy meal and it is a promise we will always strive to keep.

Travel Packs, Paradise style

Paradise is a household name today. Thanks to the love of our guests, the cuisine we serve has admirers across the country. Even in the days when our presence was limited to our Secunderabad Food Court, we used to host guests from all over the country, who would often take back parcels to their friends and loved ones back home.

CaptureWe sensed the trend early on and improved our packaging quality to ensure that the food remains fresh for a long time. We also realised that many of our guests taking parcels to other cities are air-travellers. Given the stringent checks at airports, we introduced attractive Express Travel Packs in various combinations to make clearance easy and hassle-free.

These airport-friendly combos are very popular with guests. Finest-quality packaging material guarantees that the food is aromatic and flavourful – just as it is at our Dine-in Restaurants. Elegantly designed, the spacious boxes contain different dishes and accompaniments packed neatly. More importantly, they offer a luxurious, multi-course meal experience at affordable prices.

The next time you are traveling out of Hyderabad, take authentic Hyderabadi cuisine for your friends and family. Express Travel Packs are available at all our Takeaways.

The perfect way to stay cool

Strangely enough, spring arrived and departed without anyone noticing it. This year, temperatures have been rising much in advance of summer. Come April and May, the mercury levels will soar higher still. This is not a typical summer, it promises to be a real scorcher. How does one keep oneself cool as the sun beats down with all fury?

At Paradise, we have just the right drinks to cool the heat off. Every summer, most people visit us right through the hot days to sip on a cool and creamy glass of Lassi. Blending the pleasant tartness of Mangoes with the toothsome Lassi, our Chefs also concocted the magical Mango Lassi that is both refreshing and delightful.

Next up is Falooda. Made of fresh milk and rose syrup, our Falooda is somewhere between a Dessert and drink. Filled with the essential goodness of Basil seeds, our Falooda is a delicious way to keep your body cool. Topped off with ice cream and Falooda Sev, it comes in many flavours including Bombay Special Falooda and Shahi Kulfi Falooda.

There are also several Fresh Fruit Juices to enjoy. This summer, refresh yourself with delectable drinks made with love at Paradise. It’s just about the perfect way to stay cool.