The perfect way to stay cool

Strangely enough, spring arrived and departed without anyone noticing it. This year, temperatures have been rising much in advance of summer. Come April and May, the mercury levels will soar higher still. This is not a typical summer, it promises to be a real scorcher. How does one keep oneself cool as the sun beats down with all fury?

At Paradise, we have just the right drinks to cool the heat off. Every summer, most people visit us right through the hot days to sip on a cool and creamy glass of Lassi. Blending the pleasant tartness of Mangoes with the toothsome Lassi, our Chefs also concocted the magical Mango Lassi that is both refreshing and delightful.

Next up is Falooda. Made of fresh milk and rose syrup, our Falooda is somewhere between a Dessert and drink. Filled with the essential goodness of Basil seeds, our Falooda is a delicious way to keep your body cool. Topped off with ice cream and Falooda Sev, it comes in many flavours including Bombay Special Falooda and Shahi Kulfi Falooda.

There are also several Fresh Fruit Juices to enjoy. This summer, refresh yourself with delectable drinks made with love at Paradise. It’s just about the perfect way to stay cool.



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