Travel Packs, Paradise style

Paradise is a household name today. Thanks to the love of our guests, the cuisine we serve has admirers across the country. Even in the days when our presence was limited to our Secunderabad Food Court, we used to host guests from all over the country, who would often take back parcels to their friends and loved ones back home.

CaptureWe sensed the trend early on and improved our packaging quality to ensure that the food remains fresh for a long time. We also realised that many of our guests taking parcels to other cities are air-travellers. Given the stringent checks at airports, we introduced attractive Express Travel Packs in various combinations to make clearance easy and hassle-free.

These airport-friendly combos are very popular with guests. Finest-quality packaging material guarantees that the food is aromatic and flavourful – just as it is at our Dine-in Restaurants. Elegantly designed, the spacious boxes contain different dishes and accompaniments packed neatly. More importantly, they offer a luxurious, multi-course meal experience at affordable prices.

The next time you are traveling out of Hyderabad, take authentic Hyderabadi cuisine for your friends and family. Express Travel Packs are available at all our Takeaways.


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