The making of the world’s favourite Biryani

What makes Paradise Biryani the World’s Favourite Biryani? You might hear several answers: finest ingredients, traditional cooking style, and a secret ingredient known only to a closed coterie of Chefs whose identities are classified. Most of them are right, except of course, the last one. In this post, we would like to give you the lowdown on our Biryani making process. In fact, if you prefer a video to a post, we have this amazing clip for you. Do share it with friends too.

The signature flavour of our Biryani is the result of four essential elements:

1. Finest Basmati rice: Rice quality makes or breaks the taste and texture of a Biryani, which is why we use the best long-grained Basmati rice you will find anywhere. We also focus equally on preparing the rice before cooking, spending time on carefully washing and soaking it for best results.

2. Tender meat and fresh vegetables: We source the most tender meat and fresh vegetables from a trusted network of suppliers. Our Quality Control procedures help us ensure that only top-grade meat and vegetables get into our kitchens. Our Chefs are particular about the way the meat and vegetables are cut and washed.

3. Premium marinade: Paradise Biryani is made with pure and premium ingredients. It is free of all artificial ingredients. To ensure quality, we make most of it in house – the Chilly Powder, the Ginger Garlic Paste etc. The formula for making the marinade and the exact proportions of spices are meticulously followed.

4. The Dum effect: We follow the traditional and timeless Dum style of cooking where rice and meat are cooked in layers to give our Biryani a uniquely balanced texture. This elaborate recipe infuses our Biryani with mouth-watering aroma and unforgettable taste.

We have been following the above practices steadfastly from our inception in 1953. Every thing remains the same – just as it was on the very first day we opened our doors. One common refrain you hear from people is that the Paradise Biryani has not changed in all these years. That true and it is because the Biryani making process has not changed – just like our passion.


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