9 ways to Paradise

Paradise secunderabadHyderabad is a changed place now. The frontiers have been widening and the city has become a sprawling, urban mass. There’s more traffic on the roads and the summers are getting hotter. A lunch or dinner outing is not as easy as before. It requires careful planning and a delayed start may completely scupper your plans.

3O6B0187The good news is that you don’t have to worry. With 9 Outlets across the city, a drive to your nearest Paradise does not take long at all. Be it home or work, there is always a Paradise nearby. Whenever you have a craving for authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, you can head to one of our Outlets and enjoy the “world’s favourite Biryani”.

Paradise food court hitech cityOur idea has always been to reach and delight more people. This is exactly why we have set up new Outlets in areas far from our popular ones, including Himayatnagar, Gachibowli and Kothapet. Some outlets are strategically located near landmarks, like the ones at NTR Gardens and Hitec City. The idea is that it should be easy and convenient to enjoy Paradise cuisine.

If you still want to avoid the traffic or the blazing sun, you can also order Paradise cuisine from the comfort of your home. We have partnered with Swiggy, Food Panda and Food Mingo to deliver asli Hyderabadi khaana to your doorstep. Enjoying your favourite Hyderabadi cuisine has never been this convenient, so treat your taste buds to something special.


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