6 ways to Paradise – Bengaluru edition

indiranagarUntil a couple of years ago, Bengaluru had relatively fewer options when it came to Hyderabadi cuisine. This was surprising given the Garden City’s vibrant culinary scene. All that changed with the arrival of Paradise Food Courts – the leading chain of Restaurants/Takeaways serving the finest Hyderabadi cuisine. Today, we have six outlets spread across the city.

frazer townFrom the time we opened our first Outlet in Indiranagar, we have been received enthusiastically by the foodies of Bengaluru. The response encouraged us to expand swiftly and in the last six months alone, we opened 3 new Outlets – the latest being our Electronics City Restaurant. Our Restaurants are packed to capacity on all days of the week – a testament to how much guests love us.

jp nagarAs the expansion continued apace, we did not lose sight of our single most important goal: serving the world’s favourite Biryani and delectable Hyderabadi cuisine to guests consistently. After a few minor fumbles initially, our Chefs hit the sweet spot. Today, we assure you great food and gracious service across all our Bengaluru Outlets – every bit as special as at our Hyderabad Restaurants.
new bel road
If you are looking for a perfect weekend meal, look no further than our Food Courts in Indiranagar, Frazer Town, Koramangala, New BEL Road, JP Nagar and Electronics City. Order from over 70 varieties of dishes ranging from scrumptious Kebabs and Curries to irresistible Biryani and Desserts made with love and passion.


100 percent vegetarian, 100 percent tasty

Some beliefs die hard, and sometimes the wrong ones linger on. Among those that we have been trying hard to correct is the notion that a trip to Paradise Restaurants is worth only for non-vegetarians. Of course, it’s not true. There’s a lot on our menu that vegetarians can relish. In fact, there are many vegetarian dishes that even non-vegetarians can’t resist.

IMG_2526In this post, we want to feature a few vegetarian dishes that you should definitely check out the next time you visit our Restaurants/Takeaways. They are:

Paneer Tikka Kebab: As they melt in your mouth, you will fall in love with these soft and flavourful Paneer pieces skewered to perfection.
Veg. Seekh Kebab: Served with mint chutney, the perfect texture and lip-smacking taste of these Kebabs lingers in your mouth long after you have it.
Paneer KebabKadai Paneer: Rotis and Naans taste best with this special Curry that brings together fresh Paneer and a myriad South Indian spices.
Veg. Biryani: Fresh vegetables, aromatic spices and a refreshing flavour – our Veg. Biryani instantly livens you up.

2As most of you already know, we take hygiene seriously. Our vegetarian cuisine is cooked in a separate section of the kitchen by a team of expert Chefs. By keeping utensils separate, we ensure that there is no cross contamination. Stay assured that when we say something’s vegetarian, it is 100 per cent so and every bit as special as anything on our menu.

Connect and engage!

Almost all of us embraced social media. Even the most introverted amongst us “like” and “comment” on Facebook. Ditto with Twitter, the most private people too freely broadcast their opinions on countless issues. With Instagram and Youtube, we vividly capture and share the moods and moments of our life. With billions of active users, social media resembles a boundless and diverse country.

twitterFrom the beginning, Paradise has had an active social media presence. We started with updates on the latest developments and special offers. Today, it is a platform for us to have a continuous dialogue with our guests beyond our Restaurants and listen to their valuable feedback. Several interesting ideas to improve the Paradise experience have originated in these conversations.

instagramListening to guests has always been a top-priority for us at Paradise. As one of the most-admired food chains in the country, it is important that we consistently provide delicious cuisine and gracious service. This could only be possible by understanding how we are doing across Outlets and acting on guest feedback with full commitment. Our social media presence helps us do that effectively.

Check out our Facebook page for a constant stream of updates on what’s cooking at Paradise. If you prefer your news short, do follow our official Twitter profile. Alternatively, you can watch interesting videos on our official Youtube channel. Our Instagram page has mouth-watering pictures of our cuisine. Social media is the second best place to engage with the Paradise brand – the first best is of course our Restaurants.

Thanks for the love!

The proof is here. Just before the launch of our Electronics City Food Court, we bet that this will become one of our most popular Outlets. We are happy to share the good news that food lovers greeted the opening with great enthusiasm. All through the week, we saw a steady stream of guests walking in to enjoy the “world’s favourite Biryani” and more.

IMG-20160505-WA0033Guests liked the clean, bright and spacious interiors. For over a year now, people have been appreciating our warm hospitality. Encouraged by this, we hired a team of energetic and well-trained personnel to make sure you enjoy gracious and responsive service in our Electronics City Outlet too. All this means that you can count on us for delightful meal outings.

The Ground Floor houses the Paradise Takeaway where you can choose from over 70 dishes, including the increasingly popular Combos. These are perfect for a relaxed weekend meal at home. Here, you can also buy specially baked biscuits and other baked foods. If you love munching a biscuit with tea, get yourself a pack of our Osmania and Khara biscuits – you will love them.

A Hyderabadi meal is a luxurious and memorable experience. A lot of time, skill, and passion goes into its making. Walk in to our 6th and newest Electronics City Outlet in Bengaluru to indulge in this ultimate culinary experience. We promise to offer you good food, great service and happy times – and, not to forget, lasting memories. Open 11 AM to 11 PM. Next to SJR Equinox.

Paradise hits a six!

It all started in Bengaluru. India’s rapid ascent as a leader in IT services heralded the beginning of yet another golden age for India. In the flurry of development, it’s easy to forget that it all began on the outskirts of Bengaluru in an area that has since become one of the most vibrant industrial parks – the Electronics City.

IMG-20160502-WA0002Today, Electronics City is without doubt India’s IT high street. It is to IT industry what Dalal Street is to Financial Services. It is here that people from all corners of India have found careers that match their talent and ambition. Walk along the busy lanes, amidst glitzy offices of IT majors, and you will find it hard not to feel upbeat.

We are thrilled to share with you all that our sixth Outlet in Bengaluru is now open in Electronics City. Geeks, nerds, techies, call them what you like, they can enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani and a world of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine without travelling too far. Next to SJR Equinox, our new Food Court is conveniently located.

With classy interiors to match the surroundings, the Food Court offers royal Hyderabadi cuisine and gracious service. Open 11 AM to 11 PM, we serve delightful Biryani, scrumptious Kebabs, delectable Curries, sublime Desserts and more. Our Takeaway offers value-for-money combos if you like to enjoy asli Hyderabadi khana from the comfort of your home. Keep us on your weekend eating out list.