Connect and engage!

Almost all of us embraced social media. Even the most introverted amongst us “like” and “comment” on Facebook. Ditto with Twitter, the most private people too freely broadcast their opinions on countless issues. With Instagram and Youtube, we vividly capture and share the moods and moments of our life. With billions of active users, social media resembles a boundless and diverse country.

twitterFrom the beginning, Paradise has had an active social media presence. We started with updates on the latest developments and special offers. Today, it is a platform for us to have a continuous dialogue with our guests beyond our Restaurants and listen to their valuable feedback. Several interesting ideas to improve the Paradise experience have originated in these conversations.

instagramListening to guests has always been a top-priority for us at Paradise. As one of the most-admired food chains in the country, it is important that we consistently provide delicious cuisine and gracious service. This could only be possible by understanding how we are doing across Outlets and acting on guest feedback with full commitment. Our social media presence helps us do that effectively.

Check out our Facebook page for a constant stream of updates on what’s cooking at Paradise. If you prefer your news short, do follow our official Twitter profile. Alternatively, you can watch interesting videos on our official Youtube channel. Our Instagram page has mouth-watering pictures of our cuisine. Social media is the second best place to engage with the Paradise brand – the first best is of course our Restaurants.


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