100 percent vegetarian, 100 percent tasty

Some beliefs die hard, and sometimes the wrong ones linger on. Among those that we have been trying hard to correct is the notion that a trip to Paradise Restaurants is worth only for non-vegetarians. Of course, it’s not true. There’s a lot on our menu that vegetarians can relish. In fact, there are many vegetarian dishes that even non-vegetarians can’t resist.

IMG_2526In this post, we want to feature a few vegetarian dishes that you should definitely check out the next time you visit our Restaurants/Takeaways. They are:

Paneer Tikka Kebab: As they melt in your mouth, you will fall in love with these soft and flavourful Paneer pieces skewered to perfection.
Veg. Seekh Kebab: Served with mint chutney, the perfect texture and lip-smacking taste of these Kebabs lingers in your mouth long after you have it.
Paneer KebabKadai Paneer: Rotis and Naans taste best with this special Curry that brings together fresh Paneer and a myriad South Indian spices.
Veg. Biryani: Fresh vegetables, aromatic spices and a refreshing flavour – our Veg. Biryani instantly livens you up.

2As most of you already know, we take hygiene seriously. Our vegetarian cuisine is cooked in a separate section of the kitchen by a team of expert Chefs. By keeping utensils separate, we ensure that there is no cross contamination. Stay assured that when we say something’s vegetarian, it is 100 per cent so and every bit as special as anything on our menu.


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