Delivering memorable experiences, together

Most things in life today appear simple. In reality, making them is anything but simple. It takes the labours of hundreds to put even something as modest as a safety pin in our hands. We have come to take for granted the dazzling mechanics of teamwork which ensure that a package reaches us on time. Ponder how they reached you, and the simplest of things stop appearing simple.

Similarly, to deliver the signature Paradise experience to our guests requires the hands – and hearts – of thousands. Valet parking staff, security, chefs,cashiers and waiters – everyone has an important role to play to provide you a memorable dining experience. There are also countless others including kitchen and housekeeping staff who do their best less explicitly to ensure that you enjoy your meal outings.

At Paradise, we hire the best people. That’s an area we never compromise on. Today, we employ over 2500 people across our Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. These are our strength. We also understand that even the best need training, which is why we invest in the continuous development of our employees. We choose the best and the best choose to stay on.

For us to delight guests across 15 Outlets, we need an engaged workforce and we are lucky on this front. Our kitchen staff starts work at 3 AM every morning, our service staff work in shifts without once letting their smiles fade, our Chefs prepare cuisine for thousands of orders with unabated passion. All this for the last six decades. Would it be exaggerating if we called it a miracle? We think not.


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