Vanakkam Chennai

Namma Chennai, Nalla Chennai. That line probably captures best how intimately some people love this beautiful city.

1The aroma of filter coffee, the outsized love for movies, and its rich cultural heritage – Chennai has a unique charm that’s hard not to fall in love with. As the seat of power in South India under British rule, the city emerged as an economic, cultural and scientific hotspot.

Chennai offers excellent cuisine. It’s breakfast menu is incomparably rich with Idly-Sambar, Masala Dosa, Pongal and Vada being people’s favourites. To compete for attention with the city’s wonderful cuisine, one has to serve something that is just as unique and delicious. That brings us to the point. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the world’s favourite Biryani in Chennai?

2In fact, you can enjoy the finest Hyderabadi cuisine from the world famous Paradise in Chennai. Opened on 11th July 2016 on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), our Outlet at Perungudi is close Tidel Park and Ascendas. The main highlight of course would be our Biryani which represents the high point of Hyderabadi cuisine.

3The Food Court will very soon also feature a Bakery where you can enjoy a delectable collection of cookies, pastries, Irani Chai and juices. Our Takeaway is best if you want to take a parcel home. The Restaurant can comfortably seat 130 people. We worked hard to ensure that we create delightful experiences every time you visit us. Our cuisine comes with the Paradise guarantee of purity and taste. Come experience it!


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