Great start in Chennai

A good beginning is a wonderful thing. It gives confidence that the best is yet to come. We have had yet another great start last week. Our launch in Chennai was greeted with enthusiastic response from the foodies of the city. The newspapers covered the launch and the news spread fast through word of mouth. We had lots of guests all through the week, and especially over the weekend.

The star of the menu that has got everyone talking was unsurprisingly the Biryani. Guests enjoyed it and there was much discussion on social media about how it is different from other Biryanis available in Chennai. People have been struck by the ample portions, tenderly cooked meat, and long-grained Basmati Rice. Paradise Biryani will surely become Chennai’s favourite.

In addition to the Biryani, guests enjoyed our Kebabs and Desserts. Again, guests loved the balanced flavour and rich texture of such marvels as Mutton Seekh Kebab and Paneer Tikka Kebab. Among Desserts, our Qubani-ka-Meeta was a big hit. We received some feedback from guests on cuisine and service. Our Chefs are working on it to delight you with the signature Paradise experience.

The Dine-in Restaurant was praised for its simple and bright décor. The service was top notch as always. People queued up at our Takeaway and we served thousands of orders every day. We felt the need to do better in terms of the speed and we are working in it. In all, it has been a great first week and we are prepared to win your hearts with good food and great service in the coming days. Come visit us!


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