Special memories

Nothing warms the heart like good old memories. For people, the mere mention of the name Paradise brings back happy memories of delightful meals enjoyed with friends and family. We have been around for over six decades now and that helped us serve authentic Hyderabadi cuisine to at least 3 generations. So, for some families, Paradise is inextricable from their web of memories.

Some guests reminisce about these memories eloquently. Recently, Ranjani Rajendra of The Hindu strolled down memory lane to write about her experiences of visiting Paradise as a teen and an adult. A trip to our newly opened Outlet at Perungudi, OMR after a 2-hour drive rekindled in her “memories of banter-filled family dinners”. She enjoyed the “taste of home”.

For Hyderabadis living in other cities, a visit to Paradise with friends is almost customary when they are in town. Of course, they do so for the delectable cuisine that we have been serving consistently. It is also an occasion to flip through the many special memories. All this makes us proud because creating such experiences was what our founders strived for and what inspires us even today.

Our presence in Bengaluru and Chennai gives us an opportunity to serve the “world’s favourite Biryani” to several new guests. In each city and at every Outlet, we are forever working on creating magical experiences that people will cherish for a long time. This is our focus: to help you go back with great food in your stomach and greater memories in your heart.


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