A grand welcome in Visakhapatnam

Like it has always been for our every new Outlet, the response to the opening of our Visakhapatnam Outlet was overwhelming. We are hardly surprised. People of Coastal Andhra are unabashed food lovers and the region is known for embracing diverse culinary styles. The arrival of the world’s favourite Biryani and authentic Hyderabadi cuisine was rightly met with cheerful enthusiasm. Thanks Visakhapatnam for your love. We are truly humbled. pfc vizag

Located on the VIP Road, the Food Court is conveniently located for most people and it is close to the shopping hubs of the city. With modern interiors and comfortable seating, the place is ideal if you want to enjoy a relaxed meal with family or friends. Cordial service and valet parking help you peacefully dine on sublime Hyderabadi food – everything’s taken care of.

Of course, we do not need to introduce our food. The main draw would, of course, be our Biryani. Many Vizagites who tasted it at our Hyderabad Outlets love it. We brought our top Chefs to bring the same taste and quality to Visakhapatnam, so go on and enjoy a hot bowl of Dum Biryani that harmoniously blends long-grained Basmati rice, tender meat and exotic spices.

This week, we have had many guests telling us that they loved our Kebabs. We offer the best selection of flavourful Kebabs. Trust us, you will love them as much as you love our Biryani. Also on our menu are several delectable Indian Curries that can be enjoyed with some of the softest Rotis you will ever get anywhere. Finally, do not forget to end your meal with toothsome Double-ka-Meeta or Qubani-ka-Meeta (Dessert).


To Vizag with love from Hyderabad

Visakhapatnam is a beautiful city. A brief trip to the city is enough to make you fall in love with its breath-taking landscape. Aptly called The Jewel of the East Coast, travellers and residents are captivated by the majesty of its beaches, the grandeur of its hills and valleys, and its well-planned infrastructure. From a long time, it has been a cosmopolitan place that embraced multiple cultures.

IMG-20160820-WA0010Vizag offers a lot of eating options: sumptuous breakfasts, elaborate Andhra meals, and tempting street-side snacks etc. Yet, ask about Biryani and there are very few options. Not anymore though, our first Restaurant in the newly created Sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh has opened in Vizag on August 22, 2016. People of Vizag and nearby towns can now enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani and an exquisite selection of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Located on VIP road, the upscale and happening neighbourhood of the city, our new Food Court offers signature Paradise cuisine that made us famous all over the world. Sporting bright and contemporary interiors, our Restaurant creates the perfect setting for a luxurious lunch with friends and family. The Food Court also houses a Takeaway that offers swift and hassle-free service. Valet parking is available.

Coming to the cuisine, guests can enjoy our flavourful Biryanis, delectable Kebabs, tasty Curries, and toothsome Desserts – all made with hygiene and quality that people have come to associate with the Paradise brand. Vizag is an exciting place and we are delighted to open our new Food Court here. We promise to do our best to guarantee good food, great service and happy times. Wish us luck!

The ultimate Kebab carnival is back

CaptureUtter the name Paradise and the first thing that comes to mind is Biryani. However, guests who have ordered other things on our menu and find them equally great. They are pleasantly surprised at many of our hidden gems and soon the word spreads. That’s how our Kebabs acquired a large pool of admirers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. One event though completely launched them into the mainstream world of Paradise cuisine.

Mixed Festival PlatterLast year around this time of the year, we organised the Mazedar Kebab Festival at select Restaurants and it became an instant hit. Guests discovered classics that have been there on our menu for long and also several new varieties. Some varieties that were intended only for the Festival became permanent fixtures on our menu – the Tulsi Murg Kebab for example.

Chicken PlatterBuoyed by this success, we are back with the 2nd edition titled Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival. This time it is not only bigger but also better. Organised in our Hyderabad and Bengaluru Restaurants, the event will bring together 25 lip-smacking varieties. Our Chefs scoured kitchens across the country to bring you 16 new varieties that represent the best in Indian cuisine.

Veg PlatterTo help you enjoy a little of everything, we have also designed 3 Platters:Mixed Festival Platter (5 varieties of Chicken, Lamb and Fish Kebabs), Chicken Kebab Platter (5 varieties of Chicken Kebabs) and All Veggies Platter (5 varieties of Vegetarian Kebabs). These Platters offer a great opportunity to sample different varieties we are serving during this Festival.

Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival starts August 15th and ends September 30th. Do visit our Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru to experience the finest Kebabs from across the country expertly made by our top Chefs. Don’t forget to let us know your feedback. See you at our Outlets soon!

Desserts that you shouldn’t miss

“Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards” reads a popular quote. “If you are stressed, have desserts” advises another. It is true that having something delicious uplifts us, if only temporarily. Of course, that does not mean you should have them only when you are feeling low. In fact, there’s never a wrong time to have a Dessert. Is there a right time though?
We bet that one of the best times ever to have a Dessert is at the end of a hearty Hyderabadi meal. That’s when you experience the subtle richness of toothsome flavours. At Paradise, we have a great selection of Desserts. Continue reading for a few recommendations.

dessert crop1Double-ka-Meeta: If you like Desserts that are just sweet enough, you would love the subtle and warm flavour of this dish. Made with fresh bread fried in pure Ghee, soaked in saffron- and cardamom-flavoured milk, and topped off with pistachios, Double-ka-Meeta is absolutely mouth-watering!

Qubani-ka-Meeta: As authentic as our Biryani, this stewed apricot puree has a luscious texture that is hard to resist. Topped off with blanched almonds and an optional ice-cream, the Qubani-ka-Meeta melts in your mouth and leaves you with a pleasant after taste.

Gajar-ka-Halwa: This one’s a classic and it does not need any introduction. Tender carrots grated finely and sautéed in pure ghee absorb the flavours of milk on slow flame to produce a rapturous taste. Best served warm and topped off with fried almonds.

These Desserts are the best way to end a Hyderabadi meal. Savour them today at our Restaurants in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.