Going single – A match made in Paradise

single-biryani-02When was the last time you were able to eat all the Biryani that was served? Now, we all love Paradise Biryani, the unique flavours and the never-changing taste; the Raita and the Salan, always there, like loyal associates. And we, relishers of biryani are also loyal, and it is this loyalty that considers wasting even a spoonful, a sacrilege!

Alas, the limits of the human stomach! If only, we got a portion we could do justice to each time. Well, now you do: ladies and gentlemen, put your spoons and forks together for our new Single Biryani! The Single Biryani is your own piece of paradise, just the right quantity for you to savour, giving you the satisfaction of polishing off the entire Biryani on your own.

You no longer have to look for company to enjoy the Paradise Biryani you love so much. If you are eating out with friends or family and don’t want to go with someone’s choice, then just order different Single Biryanis! If you are home alone, and want just enough food for yourself, you can order a Single Biryani from the nearest Paradise Takeaway.

The Single Biryani is a wonderful thing: it lets you get more from a meal at Paradise by giving space to enjoy a plate of Kebabs to get the juices flowing or if you have sweet tooth, it lets you end the meal with a Qubani-ka-Meetha or the classic Faluda. So, if you are in Bengaluru and you are hungry for Biryani, head over to Paradise and get your Single Biryani.


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