Hyderabadi cuisine gets another home

Paradise is growing. Over the last couple of years, we have grown our presence in Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag. Nowhere has our growth been as rapid as it was in the Garden City. At 5 Food Courts, Hyderabadi cuisine got a new home in Bengaluru. From the start, Bengalureans have shown their love for Hyderabadi khaana (and Paradise food in particular) and our Restaurants have become instantly popular.

mailer-003At Paradise, we could not be happier. Our passion has always been to serve pure and high-quality cuisine to more and more people. We want everyone to share in the joy that comes from eating the world’s favourite Biryani! To reciprocate the love Bengalureans have shown us and to encourage more people to try our cuisine—we came up with several Special Combos and promotions over the last month exclusively for Bengaluru.

Every one of them has been a smash hit. Guests unanimously loved the Nawabi Meal Combo that helps them eat like a Nawab without having to pay like one. Students loved the Student Value Meal that’s light on their pocket. Very different from a fast-food joint, all these Combos are designed as a multi-course meal with Kebabs, Curries, Rotis and Desserts – the Biryani is a bonus.

The recently launched Single Biryani and Half Plate Kebabs are designed to make it convenient for people to try our cuisine in the right portions. As always, our focus has been on keeping Paradise cuisine affordable without compromising on quality. We are calling these the come-back-again and again prices and they have been well-received. Come and enjoy these Special Combos to enjoy delectable Hyderabadi cuisine.


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