And now for something sweet!

To bring a lunch or dinner to a fitting end, you have to eat a Dessert. For the uninitiated, the often-heard polite inquiry “do you have something sweet” at the end of a meal, may not always yield a Dessert. You might just end up with a candy or one of those extra sweet chocolate bars with more sugar and less chocolate. And the truth of the matter is, though they are sweet, they are not what you would call a Dessert!

dessert crop1When one thinks of Desserts, one does not think of “something sweet”. Rather, one thinks of a special preparation that offers a unique flavour and texture. Depending upon one’s appetite, the season, the weather and of course, one’s desire, one decides what Dessert to have. Once again, the availability of choice is what makes ordering a Dessert at the end of a meal such a pleasurable experience.

Two of the most delicious Desserts that Paradise offers are Double-ka-Meeta and Qubani-ka-Meeta. Qubani-ka-Meeta is an authentic Hyderbadi dessert and is made from puréed Qubani (dried apricots) and cream. Its unique texture comes from the roasted apricot kernels which are ground and then added. It is the perfect way to soothe your tongue and lips after eating all the spices in those mouth-watering Kebabs and Biryani. On a particularly hot day, you could even request for a scoop of ice-cream to be served alongside your Qubani-ka-Meeta and head for Dessert heaven!

qubani-ka-meetha_finalDouble-ka-Meeta, though a very popular Hyderabadi Dessert, owes its existence to that humble loaf of bread, a product of the western baking tradition. In fact, the name comes from the name of a type of bread popular in Hyderabad: double roti. This dessert truly represents the spirit of assimilation of Hyderabadi cuisine, and of the cuisine of our country at large. As a tribute to that spirit and as an acknowledgement to your sweet tooth, you must have the Double ka Meetha!

If you are in the mood for the seasonal Meeta, then order the Gajar-ka-Halwa, made from carrots and mawa/khoya, and served piping hot! Aah, the delight of having it one spoon at a time, blowing air on each spoonful and seeing the steam dispersed. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fitting end to a meal! To end your meal in this fashion and to enjoy these delightful Desserts, step into your nearest Paradise outlet in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, or Vizag.


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