Biryani versus Biryani: The new favourite!

…and in a matter of days, the famous Paradise Biryani of old has got stiff competition and the previously enthusiastic takers are suddenly wavering. Now you might ask: “Did we think we would see this day? Who is this new player?” Well, yes, that day has arrived and the good thing for food lovers is that the competition is from within – from the Zafrani Biryani, launched by Paradise itself, which has taken the taste buds by storm!

The Zafrani Biryani Festival which began on February 1 has been a huge success. Its greatest feat has been making Zafrani Biryani the new favourite for Biryani lovers! Guests visiting Paradise Outlets in Bengaluru, Vizag, Chennai, and Hyderabad have all loved the exotic taste and the irresistible aroma of the Zafrani Biryani. Both variants of Zafrani Biryani, the Zafrani Chicken Biryani and the Zafrani Mutton Biryani, have become an instant hit.

The Zafrani Biryani Festival can easily qualify as a festival for all your senses: feast your eyes on the saffron-hued Biryani; breathe in the unique and heady scent of saffron; hear the sounds of your own delight; taste the flavour enhanced by the addition of saffron that makes this a majestic Biryani; feel the different textures in your mouth, the grains of the Basmati rice, the tender meat, the grainy and thick Salan and the soothing Raita.

If you have not allowed yourself to savour this most delicious of Biryanis yet, visit your nearest Paradise Outlet soon. The Zafrani Biryani Festival is going to continue only till 31st March, and it would break our hearts if you are not a part of it. Share the joy and the flavours with friends and family, for great food is enjoyed better with company.


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