Instant gratification has a new address!

Psst! Here’s some inside information about the Paradise of Biryani lovers! If you are in Bengaluru, you will definitely benefit from it. You can thank us later. For now, pay attention: You know that Bengaluru has Paradise Outlets in quite a few places – 6 at last count. Well, what you are going to read next is the latest development at our New BEL Road Outlet. Yes, the one with the amazing Dine-in Restaurant on the First Floor where you must have had your favourite Paradise Biryani umpteen times.

Sometimes, when the question is of hunger and the answer is the Paradise Biryani, it’s hard to tolerate someone coming between you and your favourite food, not even the waiter who serves you. And, the delay in finding a table, ordering your food, and waiting for it to be served could be very trying. We understand all this and we have redesigned the Ground Floor of the New BEL Road Outlet and turned it into a self-service restaurant – our first anywhere.

All you have to do now is order your food and pick it up it in minutes. Find a seat and savour the joy of eating great food – uninterrupted. What’s more, when you eat at the self-service restaurant, you save money too. The prices of the various dishes are lower compared to the Dine-in Restaurant upstairs. You know what else is different when you visit it – all secrets should not be given away at once!

For now, all you need to know is that it looks quite different from a conventional restaurant, with modern and comfortable interiors. To satisfy your curiosity and your hunger, visit this latest addition to our family, the brand new self-service restaurant, the first of its kind for us at Paradise, on the New BEL Road. It opened on March 9, 2017 and will be running from 11 AM to 11 PM everyday. It’s your fastest route to your favourite meal. Do visit us soon!


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