From the Biryani capital to the country’s capital

Hyderabad is India’s Biryani capital. The city earned this distinction not only for its exquisite Biryani, but also for its Biryani-crazy population. A few avowed admirers eat it for lunch and dinner. Among all the Biryanis in the city, the Paradise Biryani stands out for its timeless taste and matchless purity. Now, Paradise is bringing this irresistible Biryani to the country’s capital. Well, close to it anyway.

Our first Food Court in NCR opened today in Gurugram. This is a great moment for us. Over the years, we have received many requests, both at our Food Courts and on social media, to open a Food Court in the NCR region. As part of a planned expansion drive, we initially focused on cities in the neighbouring states: Bengaluru, Chennai and Visakhapatnam. The great response we received in these cities gave us the confidence to expand to the NCR region.

A permanent fixture of Hyderabad’s culinary scene, Paradise began in 1953 as a modest café abutting a theatre. Since then, we have delighted over 3 generations of guests with the world’s favourite Biryani, an eclectic selection of Kebabs, delectable assortment of Curries, and sublime Desserts. We have been the home of asli Hyderabadi khana. In the days when we operated only in Hyderabad, a trip to the city was considered incomplete without a meal at our Food Courts.

Our Secunderabad Food Court, where the Paradise journey began, has been popular with regular guests and celebrities alike. We request you to come discover the joys of Nizami cuisine at our newest Food Court in Raheja Mall on Sohna Road, Gurugram. If you are in a hurry, pick a parcel from our Takeaway. Also, don’t miss our Irani Chai with Osmania Biscuits (another Hyderabadi classic) from our Bakery.

At Paradise, we have an uncompromising focus on quality and hygiene. So, go ahead and experience a royal feast in a family-friendly ambience. See you at our Gurugram Food Court soon. Do share with us your feedback. As always, we count on your support.


In your orbit!

This year has been the year of many firsts for us here at Paradise. Seeing how much you all love our cuisine, seeing the kind of efforts you make to get your slice of Paradise, we began working on bringing your favourite Paradise cuisine closer to where you are. In our attempt to do that, we opened two new outlets earlier this year, one at Uppal and the other at NTR Gardens (fully renovated).

Still, there were a lot of you who were being deprived of the deliciousness that is Paradise cuisine. We are therefore pleased to announce the opening of our new Food Stall at the food court in the Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. You can now enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani at Hyderabad’s favourite mall! This is the first time ever that Paradise has opened a stall! We are really looking forward to welcoming you all there and we would love to hear what you think of it.

Here you will find the best of our Biryanis and Kebabs. Not only that, we also have our signature Hyderabadi Desserts for those who like to end their meal on a sweet note. If you are not very hungry, just a little peckish, there’s our Irani Chai to sip on and Veg. Samosas and Osmania biscuits to nibble on! We have carefully picked all our popular items for our menu. The highlight will be our value-for-money Combos starting from Rs. 269 that include Biryani, Rumali Rotis, Curry, Kebabs and Gulab Jamun.

Some of our guests have demanded that we provide more options when it comes to the size of the Biryani. Our Biryani now comes in many sizes and shapes: Single Biryani, Combos and Tray Packs! So whether you are eating alone, or with one companion or in a big group, there is a perfect option for everyone! We hope you will enjoy our food at the Inorbit Mall Food Stall as much as you do at all our other Outlets. Have a great time at the Inorbit by having a great meal at Paradise!

Hot n Juicy Kebab Festival – 45 days, 22 Kebabs, are you ready?

At Paradise, we are always trying to offer something new to the guests by adding new items to the menu. Another way we have done this over the years, which gets us as excited as our guests, is through our food festivals. Earlier this year, we brought the Zafrani Biryani Festival to you. This month we bring to you the Kebab Festival featuring diverse varieties of Kebabs from across the length and breadth of the country.

Kebabs originated in Turkey and travelled across the Asian continent to come to India. Kebabs were a staple of Mughlai cuisine; when they came to Hyderabad, they got assimilated into the Hyderabadi cuisine, but not before getting a Hyderabadi twist. The chefs here used the aromatic spices peculiar to the region and transformed these Kebabs to suit the local palate and preferences. And now, when Paradise hosts guests hailing from all over the country, it is but natural that we offer diverse varieties of Kebabs from across the country.

The Hot n Juicy Kebab Festival gives our guests an unique annual opportunity to relish Kebabs that are not a part of our regular menu. On August 15, we are launching the third edition of the Kebab Festival. The festival will last for 45 days and will feature 22 different varieties including several delicious vegetarian, chicken, mutton and seafood Kebabs. For those who like to sample different varieties all at once, we have four unique Kebab platters. The previous two Kebab festivals were a resounding success thanks to your enthusiasm and love of Kebabs.

The great thing about eating Kebabs is that you can follow them up with anything at all. Once a meal starts with these delectable Kebabs, it becomes a great meal! Everyone loves a good Kebab and ours are always ‘lajawaab’. So don’t deprive yourself any longer, come visit us and bite into these hot and succulent steaks and celebrate the diversity that Indian food is all about. Visit any Paradise Dine-in Restaurant across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai from August 15 to celebrate the Kebab Festival with us.