In your orbit!

This year has been the year of many firsts for us here at Paradise. Seeing how much you all love our cuisine, seeing the kind of efforts you make to get your slice of Paradise, we began working on bringing your favourite Paradise cuisine closer to where you are. In our attempt to do that, we opened two new outlets earlier this year, one at Uppal and the other at NTR Gardens (fully renovated).

Still, there were a lot of you who were being deprived of the deliciousness that is Paradise cuisine. We are therefore pleased to announce the opening of our new Food Stall at the food court in the Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. You can now enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani at Hyderabad’s favourite mall! This is the first time ever that Paradise has opened a stall! We are really looking forward to welcoming you all there and we would love to hear what you think of it.

Here you will find the best of our Biryanis and Kebabs. Not only that, we also have our signature Hyderabadi Desserts for those who like to end their meal on a sweet note. If you are not very hungry, just a little peckish, there’s our Irani Chai to sip on and Veg. Samosas and Osmania biscuits to nibble on! We have carefully picked all our popular items for our menu. The highlight will be our value-for-money Combos starting from Rs. 269 that include Biryani, Rumali Rotis, Curry, Kebabs and Gulab Jamun.

Some of our guests have demanded that we provide more options when it comes to the size of the Biryani. Our Biryani now comes in many sizes and shapes: Single Biryani, Combos and Tray Packs! So whether you are eating alone, or with one companion or in a big group, there is a perfect option for everyone! We hope you will enjoy our food at the Inorbit Mall Food Stall as much as you do at all our other Outlets. Have a great time at the Inorbit by having a great meal at Paradise!


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