Namaskaram Vijayawada

This the season to be jolly! The best and most delicious way to have a good time is to eat food that you love, food that makes your taste buds happy. When the temperature keeps dropping outside, feasting on a steaming plate full of fiery and flavourful food is a special kind of joy that can never be expressed in words. At Paradise, for decades, we have been known for serving authentic Hyderabadi cuisine every time our guests sit down for a meal.

Good food equals good mood! Going out for a meal is always more than just a meal. It is the coming together of loved ones, of sharing affection and a good meal together. A meal with loved ones after a shopping trip or after catching the latest movie is an experience that everyone cherishes. To make these experiences more memorable, Paradise is coming to town—to your very own Vijayawada.

With great joy, we announce the opening of our very first Paradise outlet in Vijayawada near Trendset Mall on Bundar Road. Since 1953, Paradise Biryani has been serving its guests not just the world’s favourite Biryani but also a variety of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. Visit us anytime between 11 am and 11 pm any day of the week to enjoy delectable Biryani, flavourful Kebabs and other great dishes. Whatever the size of your appetite, you will find the thing you are looking for on our menu.

We are really excited at the opening of our new Paradise outlet near the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. We hope to delight you with our food and our service. If you are a foodie and hungry for authentic Hyderbadi cuisine, especially favourites like Biryani and Qubani-ka-Meeta, do come over. If you are starting out on a road trip to a nearby place, pick up your favourite Biryani from our takeaway and enjoy it on your trip. You get the picture—for a delightful gastronomic experience, visit Paradise, now in Vijayawada.