Kattupakkam Express: Super tasty, super fast

We have some delicious news for all you folks in Chennai. We are excited to announce our fourth outlet in your city in Kattupakkam. This week if you are hungry for authentic Hyderabadi food and find yourself near Mount Poonamalle Road, visit us to see us in express mode! This new outlet is an Express Outlet which means you can enjoy your favorite cuisine in a quick and hassle-free manner. Just like hunger never waits, you too won’t have to wait to satiate your hunger.

Whether you crave for something spicy and flavorful or sweet and soothing, our menu has something for you. Whether your hunger is big or small, our menu has you covered. We serve the Hyderabadi Biryani you love in customized tray so you can eat it with ease. The Biryani is available in four variants: Veg, Egg, Chicken and Mutton. To add some spice and make the Biryani meal more toothsome, we serve it with Kebabs.

We also included some of our popular yet affordable combos that are lighter on your pocket. The cuisine, as it has always been, is made in a hygienic environment with premium, natural ingredients. The packaging material used too is of a very high quality to ensure that the food remains fresh and hot for a long time. You can order from over 100 dishes starting from your favorite Biryani to authentic Hyderabadi desserts.

So next time you are really hungry, pick up your tray and enjoy the food of your choice. If a full meal is not on your mind, well then you’ve got quite a diverse list of Kebabs to choose from. There are also some bubbly beverages for those who enjoy their hot food with something cold to sip on the side. Visit us soon to explore these unique options at our unique Express Outlet at Kattupakkam, Chennai.


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