New takeaway at S R Nagar

There’s nothing like Paradise to enjoy an authentic Hyderabadi Biryani. For over 60 years, we have been delighting people with an exquisite Biryani made from premium ingredients, long-grained Basmati rice and pure ghee. Cooked in the traditional Dum style, our Biryani has an appetizing aroma and richly layered taste that stays with you long after you enjoy it. One has to enjoy it to understand why it commands such love.

Our takeaways offer the same Biryani to people who don’t have the time to visit our Restaurants. From the time we opened our first takeaway at our Secunderabad Food Court, they have been immensely popular. Every Food Court we operate has a takeaway section. Our Masab Tank facility is our first takeaway-only operation. This is popular with air-travelers who want to take home delightful Paradise cuisine for friends and loved ones back home.

Our second dedicated takeaway is now coming up in the busy area of S R Nagar in Hyderabad. Situated behind the S R Nagar Police Station, this takeaway offers the signature Paradise cuisine you love. The focus is on quick and hassle-free service.  We use the finest packaging material to ensure that our food remains fresh for a long time.

If you find yourself craving Paradise cuisine during weekdays, but do not have the time to visit our restaurants, drop by our S R Nagar takeaway to enjoy the best in Hyderabadi food. Sometimes, we have to choose between a cricket match or a favourite show and a meal at your favourite restaurant. Our takeaways help you enjoy both. You can also order food to be delivered to your home via our delivery partners: Zomato, Food Panda, Uber Eats and Swiggy.

Paradise in Guntur!

We are excited to announce the opening of our fourth outlet in Andhra Pradesh in the Guntur city. We are equally happy and proud that not only is this be our second outlet in our neighbouring state and our 32nd outlet in the country! We welcome the people of Guntur to try the cuisine and service that made Paradise a household name.

At our Guntur Food Court, you can enjoy the signature dine-in experience that Paradise offers by ordering a meal of your choice in the AC restaurant. Summer has arrived and the mercury is rising, so this would be a good excuse to take a break from the heat and sit down for a relaxing meal. Speaking of the heat, we strongly recommend that you end your meal on a sweet note by either ordering Qubani-ka-Meeta or the summer favourite, Falooda.

Most of us like to enjoy food with family and friends, yet sometimes everyone is not willing to step outside. Well, we have the perfect solution—pick up a parcel or two for everyone in the family and have a sit-down meal around your own dining table or in front of the TV as you watch a film or a match! If you too are unwilling to step out, order your favourite food to be delivered home via our delivery partners.

We don’t want you to be confused with all these choices but just so you know, our Guntur outlet is a full-service restaurant, which means this outlet will also have a Bakery. Here, you can enjoy a satisfying tea break with hot samosas and crispy biscuits. So, we are ready to serve you authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. See you at our Guntur outlet near NTR stadium in Brindavan Garden.

Kattupakkam Express: Super tasty, super fast

We have some delicious news for all you folks in Chennai. We are excited to announce our fourth outlet in your city in Kattupakkam. This week if you are hungry for authentic Hyderabadi food and find yourself near Mount Poonamalle Road, visit us to see us in express mode! This new outlet is an Express Outlet which means you can enjoy your favorite cuisine in a quick and hassle-free manner. Just like hunger never waits, you too won’t have to wait to satiate your hunger.

Whether you crave for something spicy and flavorful or sweet and soothing, our menu has something for you. Whether your hunger is big or small, our menu has you covered. We serve the Hyderabadi Biryani you love in customized tray so you can eat it with ease. The Biryani is available in four variants: Veg, Egg, Chicken and Mutton. To add some spice and make the Biryani meal more toothsome, we serve it with Kebabs.

We also included some of our popular yet affordable combos that are lighter on your pocket. The cuisine, as it has always been, is made in a hygienic environment with premium, natural ingredients. The packaging material used too is of a very high quality to ensure that the food remains fresh and hot for a long time. You can order from over 100 dishes starting from your favorite Biryani to authentic Hyderabadi desserts.

So next time you are really hungry, pick up your tray and enjoy the food of your choice. If a full meal is not on your mind, well then you’ve got quite a diverse list of Kebabs to choose from. There are also some bubbly beverages for those who enjoy their hot food with something cold to sip on the side. Visit us soon to explore these unique options at our unique Express Outlet at Kattupakkam, Chennai.

Find your Paradise in Porur

The world’s favourite Biryani and a host of other authentic Hyderabadi dishes are now being served from our new outlet in Chennai. Yes, that’s right, we recently opened a full-service Paradise outlet in your very own Porur. Be part of our early group guests and enjoy the finest in Hyderabadi cuisine. We applied all the learning we had while launching two outlets in Chennai to ensure that this outlet gets everything right from the start.

At our restaurant, you can sit down and have the world’s favourite Biryani, lip-smacking Kebabs, authentic Hyderabadi desserts and much more! If you visit between lunch and dinner, the bakery would be a great option for you to have that steaming cup of Irani tea with onion samosas and some Osmania biscuits. Throw in some conversation with friends or colleagues and you’ve got yourself the best meal/deal possible. You can also take some fresh biscuits and pastries.

The dine-in restaurant features contemporary interiors and comfortable seating. It’ll perfectly suit your mid-week or weekend lunch and dinner plans with friends or colleagues. If a relaxed meal at home is on your agenda, our takeaway offers interesting and value-for-money combos that will help you enjoy a multi-course meal. Every dish comes with the Paradise promise of taste, quality and generous quantity.

And for our hardworking students and professionals, you can get your favourite Hyderabadi dish delivered to your home or hostel. Our food delivery partners—Swiggy and Food Panda—will ensure that you get the Paradise food you want at the time you want. So don’t wait any longer and get your slice of the famed Hyderabadi culinary experience that we have been serving since 1953. Come visit the new Paradise outlet at Porur.

Paradise comes to BHEL

The love for Hyderabadi cuisine keeps growing every year, like the city itself. As the urban sprawl increases, it would be great to have convenient options to enjoy authentic and high-quality Hyderabadi food. Our expansion plans cater to this demand and we are pleased to announce the opening of our newest outlet in BHEL. The outlet has a dine-in restaurant, a takeaway counter, bakery, and even provides delivery through Swiggy. Come today and you’ll find us in BHEL, beside Jyothi Theatre.

Whatever be the time of the day and the type of your hunger, you are sure to find a variety of delicious options here. If it’s tea time, you could go for the popular Indian combinations of Chai and samosa or Chai and biscuits. If a hearty lunch or dinner is what you are after, lip-smacking Biryani served with Salan and Raita will fill your heart and stomach. If you want a meal but not a proper meal, well then Kebabs and desserts or Falooda might be something you want to experiment with.

These were just a few suggestions. In fact, at Paradise, you can order from over a hundred dishes chosen for their variety and taste. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it has been prepared with care, using quality ingredients in a hygienic environment. As much as we love to feed our guests, we believe that taste and quality both matter. Our new outlet promises you a signature Paradise experience without you having to travel far.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us and see award winning service in action. Did you know we won the Golden Spoon award last month for serving the best in Hyderabadi cuisine consistently? We are open 11 am to 11 pm. See you soon, till then be happy and spread the word around.

Hop on the Paradise bus!

Travelling out of town by bus is now going to become more delightful for all Hyderabadis! Paradise is opening a special new outlet at MGBS, so all you terrific travellers get ready for a delightful start to any journey you take. On an average eighty thousand people travel from Imliban to different destinations every day. That’s eighty thousand different degrees of hunger. We are trying satisfy the cravings of all these people for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine.

When you are travelling, you can now get your hands on tasty, quality food prepared in hygienic conditions. If you have 30 minutes or more before your bus leaves, you could comfortably sit and eat a hearty Biryani meal in our AC or non-AC restaurant area. The service is quick and courteous. So, if you are on a visit to the city and don’t have time to sit down for an elaborate meal at any of our outlets, this restaurant offers you a chance to enjoy your favourite cuisine before leaving the town.

Since travellers are usually in a rush, you will find the takeaway very convenient. Here, you can order your favourite cuisine and parcel it home for your loved ones. As always, our high-quality packaging ensures that our food remains fresh for a long time. Pick up a parcel of mouth-watering and stomach-filling Biryani in minutes and then enjoy the food at leisure. Don’t forget to take enough for you and friends too!

Those taking an early morning bus out or arriving in the city as dawn breaks can avail of our breakfast options between 6 am—11 am. Those who must have that mandatory cup of tea can order a cup of cutting Irani Chai and biscuits from the bakery section. You can also try our samosas, puffs and pastries. Check out our new outlet the next time you are in MGBS. We wish you a happy journey!

New year, new outlet

After Sankranti and before Republic Day, here’s one more reason to celebrate in January. Paradise has opened a brand new outlet in the beating heart of Hitec City, right opposite Raheja Mindspace. We did tell you last time that we might be coming to your neighborhood, and here we are! Of course, with demand for Hyderabadi cuisine increasing, we owed this to you for a long time and we are happy that we found the right location.

If you are having a busy day at work or a good day, pay us a visit and our cuisine will brighten it up further. For if there’s anything that can alter somebody’s mood quickly, it is good food. Well, at Paradise, we always serve our guests good food that not only tastes good but also smells good and feels good! A complete delight for all senses! So why wait and deprive yourself of good food. We’ve got whatever you’re in the mood for.

Our signature Hyderabadi Biryani is fit for a hearty lunch or quiet dinner. You can choose to start off your meal with our hot and juicy Kebabs. Try our Kebab Platter, which is ideal when dining with colleagues. We also serve an exquisite selection of Indian breads and curries. If you are looking for a quick snack break, walk into our bakery and enjoy our hot samosas and a stimulating cup of Irani Chai.

If you work in or around Hitec City, drop by the new Paradise outlet, opposite Raheja Mindspace. With elegant interiors and impeccable service, we will help you enjoy a memorable experience on each visit. If you don’t have the time to sit down for a meal at our restaurant, you can visit our takeaway to get a quick parcel of your favourite cuisine. We will do everything to become your favourite food destination. Wish us luck!