Drink up and beat the heat!

Summer is here and it is here to stay, with its scorching sun and soaring temperatures. But they don’t have to be only about the heat. Instead of “It’s so hot!” we want to say and hear “It’s so cool!” That is why, we are here to help you cool off with our diverse, colourful, cooling, and delicious array of summer drinks! From a popular Paradise offering, the Falooda in its three variants, to the quintessentially Punjabi Lassi, and the always in demand fresh, nutritious fruit juices, our Paradise Outlets have it all, to make the summer a cool experience for you.

When the mercury is rising, when the heat plays havoc with our systems and with our heads, it is easy to lose one’s cool! Well, we at Paradise don’t want you to lose your cool. In fact, we want you to stay cool! This summer, sip on our sweet and soothing summer drinks! Their delicious and sweet taste will delight you, and their inherent cooling properties will keep you refreshed all day through!

So, if you want to cool your body down and soothe your parched throat, walk in to your nearest Paradise Food Court. We have just the thing, rather things, for you: Faloodas, Lassis, and fruit juices! Can one truly think of summer without thinking of kulfis? We bring to you our Shahi Kulfi Falooda and our Royal Kulfi Falooda, the delicious combination of the classic Indian frozen dessert with Paradise’s much loved Falooda. Or you could have the Bombay Special Falooda – it’s a Bombay Special, need we say more?

And can one ever imagine an Indian summer without that king of fruits, the mango? The Mango Lassi made with the sweetest mango pulp and thick creamy yoghurt, is like no other flavoured Lassi. Our Lassis also include the classic sweet Lassi topped with thick cream, and the classic Salted Lassi. The lassi will not only help you beat the heat, it will refresh you and reenergise you with every sip you take.

When one is out in this heat for even five minutes, it feels as if a giant vacuum cleaner has sucked out every last drop of moisture from our bodies. We feel sapped and each time we step out, we face the very real risk of dehydration. To keep you hydrated and nourished, we also have fresh fruit juices – Grape, Orange, Mosambi, Apple, and Pineapple. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, and natural sugars that keep you healthy and give you instant energy. So, let’s stay hydrated and energised and drink up to beat this heat.

Paradise Biryani – Not a meal but an experience

There are needs and then there are desires. When you are thirsty, in this heat especially, you would want to drink a glass of cold water to quench that overpowering thirst. As you gulp down that cold water, it goes down your throat, soothing your parched being, and rehydrating each and every cell of your body, you are responding to a need. But when you are not thirsty to the point of getting dehydrated and you just want to drink something because you desire it, you would want a beverage of your choice and sip it slowly to experience the taste, the consistency and the coolness.

Well, that’s what desires are: they are not short-lived urges, but deep-rooted wishes – and we make some of them come true. Desires are an experience in themselves—if you have ever desired a Paradise Biryani and then had it, you know it is not a mere meal, it is an experience. Having Biryani at Paradise cannot be reduced to eating a meal when one is hungry. No, having Biryani at Paradise is an experience, a delightful, heady experience in which all five senses participate. Those who have experienced it never forget it.

It would not be an exaggeration but a truthful admission that when visiting friends or family in another city and ask them what you should bring from Hyderabad, they always ask for Paradise Biryani! For when you have Biryani at Paradise, you are taking part in a magical experience. The Salan adds more texture and spice to each mouthful and the Raita soothes the glow of fire that the spices kindle. It is no wonder then that having the Paradise Biryani is such a memorable experience.

Relive the experience that is Paradise Biryani at your nearest Outlet today. Spread the joy and share this one of a kind experience with friends and family, come dine at Paradise or pick up your favourites from our Takeaway counters and bring home some Paradise.

Second innings in Chennai

Chennai, even though the temperature outside is rising and the weather is undoubtedly hot, we are extremely happy that you gave us a warm welcome last month. As Paradise opened its second Outlet in Chennai (LB Road, Thiruvanmiyur) recently, we saw lots of guests coming in to enjoy the World’s Favourite Biryani. We were elated to know that you too were waiting along with us for it to open. We got off to a great start owing to your love and patronage.

At Paradise, we are all about food, not just preparing it but also ensuring that it reaches those who want it, whenever they want it. No one should be denied the joy of having flavourful Biryani with mouth-watering Mirchi-ka-Salan and Raita. And that’s what our Thiruvanmiyur Outlet is supposed to deliver. So earlier if you had to put up with long waiting lines before you even got a table, now you can be assured of a table soon upon your arrival.

As the scorching Indian summer begins, we invite you for a wonderful meal at our new Outlet. You can also chill with the most chilled out of our offerings – the Falooda! But that is not the only cool thing about our Thiruvanmiyur outlet. With its contemporary interiors and relaxed cafe-like ambience, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and colleagues. The place is spacious and the chairs in their bright colours match the season.

This summer, let’s meet friends, family and our loved ones for a meal at Paradise. The best times spent and the best conversations take place over a meal that everyone enjoys. Food is something that binds us all and brings us together. Come to Paradise Thiruvanmiyur, where you can enjoy each other’s company as much as you enjoy Paradise biryani. And as you have all discovered in the last few days, no more waiting, only eating!

Two-much: Second Paradise Outlet opens in Chennai!

A hungry stomach, a long queue, a longer waiting time! This is not how we envision the dine-out experience of our guests. What we want you to experience from this weekend on is this: you seated comfortably and enjoying the look and feel of our contemporary interiors; you helping yourself to the most delicious Hyderabadi cuisine ever; and you sighing with the pleasure of having savoured a lip-smacking Paradise meal.

Chennaites, you showed us your love by gracing us with your presence day after day – weekday or weekend. We are grateful for your love and we want to serve you better. We saw you waiting in long queues outside and we are aware of the discomfort you felt because of the Outlet becoming extremely crowded – especially over the weekends. It was only right that we made things right. It gives us immense joy to announce the opening of our second Outlet in Chennai!

It is located on LB Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, just twenty minutes away from our OMR Perungudi Outlet. And diagonally opposite S2 Theyagaraja Cinemas. We had a grand opening ceremony on March 30, 2016 and the initial response has been great. Now, you will no longer have to turn back from Paradise because of the queues or the crowd. Whenever you desire to eat our delicious Biryani or the juicy Kebabs, just come over and you will find a ready table waiting for you and our Self-service counters ready to serve you,your favourite food.

You will agree that one can have too (two) much of a good thing. So what are you waiting for? It is time to say no to hunger management (and the resulting anger management) and visit the brand new Paradise Outlet on LB Road, Thiruvanmiyur. Given that it is accessible from Tidel Park, it also serves as a great place for your team lunches. Comfortable interiors, hygienic cuisine and self-service counters – our newest Outlet has everything that you expect from Paradise. Visit us today!

Last chance to relish our Zafrani Biryani

Paradise Biryani has been the world’s favourite Biryani for decades now. Yet, guests have been demanding variety. Over the last few months, we have been working on offering new Biryani varieties to guests, in addition to our legendary Hyderabadi Biryani. On February 1, 2017, we launched the Zafrani Biryani Festival which introduced the most royal of Biryanis – the Zafrani Biryani. Guests instantly loved this courtly food of Nizams.

We thank you for making the festival a huge success. Both variants, the Zafrani Chicken Biryani and the Zafrani Mutton Biryani, were a hit with all of you—and to our great joy, we have seen you relish these more than once. For those of you who haven’t feasted on this most royal of all Biryanis, we request you to hurry up. You only have a few days left to savour the joys and flavours of the Zafrani Biryani, for the Festival ends on March 31, 2017.

As you count down to the end of the financial year, invest some time to relish the exotic taste and the mouth-watering aroma of the Zafrani Biryani. It is made from pure saffron following the traditional recipe. The taste and texture are pleasantly different from our regular Biryani. A favourite of the Nizams and their guests, this wonderful dish was lost to the mists of time, until we decided to serve it to guests.

This was the first time Zafrani Biryani was served at Paradise and some of you have already made it your new favourite. We will be back next year with a new edition of the Festival, but before it ends, visit our Food Courts and have the Zafrani Biryani once more. Also, watch out for new varieties of Biryani and Kebabs that we will launch in the coming months to make your trips to Paradise memorable. See you at a Paradise Outlet this week.

Instant gratification has a new address!

Psst! Here’s some inside information about the Paradise of Biryani lovers! If you are in Bengaluru, you will definitely benefit from it. You can thank us later. For now, pay attention: You know that Bengaluru has Paradise Outlets in quite a few places – 6 at last count. Well, what you are going to read next is the latest development at our New BEL Road Outlet. Yes, the one with the amazing Dine-in Restaurant on the First Floor where you must have had your favourite Paradise Biryani umpteen times.

Sometimes, when the question is of hunger and the answer is the Paradise Biryani, it’s hard to tolerate someone coming between you and your favourite food, not even the waiter who serves you. And, the delay in finding a table, ordering your food, and waiting for it to be served could be very trying. We understand all this and we have redesigned the Ground Floor of the New BEL Road Outlet and turned it into a self-service restaurant – our first anywhere.

All you have to do now is order your food and pick it up it in minutes. Find a seat and savour the joy of eating great food – uninterrupted. What’s more, when you eat at the self-service restaurant, you save money too. The prices of the various dishes are lower compared to the Dine-in Restaurant upstairs. You know what else is different when you visit it – all secrets should not be given away at once!

For now, all you need to know is that it looks quite different from a conventional restaurant, with modern and comfortable interiors. To satisfy your curiosity and your hunger, visit this latest addition to our family, the brand new self-service restaurant, the first of its kind for us at Paradise, on the New BEL Road. It opened on March 9, 2017 and will be running from 11 AM to 11 PM everyday. It’s your fastest route to your favourite meal. Do visit us soon!

Take hunger away, and bring home some Paradise!

Hunger pangs can strike at any time. When you come back home late at night after a long day at work, when you and your family return from out of town after hours of travelling, when you are out on the road buying things for your household, or when it is your usual lunch or dinner time. And when you are hungry, you need proper food – snacks or a packet of chips just don’t make the cut.

As your stomach growls, reminding you of the extent of your hunger, and your brain starts conjuring images of unlimited buffet spreads making your mouth water, all you want is to eat something tasty, something that qualifies as a proper meal, something that is served hot, and most importantly, something that you like to eat – and you want it right now! And if that something is a thing that you love to eat, like the food at Paradise…

At such times of hunger, isn’t it amazing that you can have World’s Favourite Biyani and Salan? Or maybe, you prefer Naan with Dal Fry or Kheema Masala. Paradise is in the business of feeding people great food and that is why all our Outlets stay open till 11 pm so that our guests do not go hungry. And for those who are pressed for time, we offer a variety of options in our Delivery menu. So if you cannot take time out to cook a meal or eat out, well there’s a Paradise Takeaway near you!

Whether it is food for two or twenty, you can get freshly prepared food packed with special attention given to hygiene. The packed food stays warm even after hours and does not get spoilt or lose any of its taste or flavour. But you will definitely be spoilt for choice when you look at all the options in our delivery menu! There is your favourite biryani and all its variants, in all its combos and different sizes. Then you have our Kebabs; there are Indian vegetarian specialties and breads too. Here is a sweet surprise for you, Double ka Meetha and Qubani ka Meetha are in there too!

If you are hungry, and you are looking for a ready meal, come and choose from our Takeaway menu. We promise you that you will find what you are looking for! And if you are on a rescue mission to save hungry friends and family members, pick the thoughtfully designed Combos from our Takeaway and be their knight in shining armour. So, don’t go hungry, don’t compromise. Just walk into Paradise.