Paradise Whitefield off to a great start

sai_9595When you study the history of mankind, you learn that early man travelled to different places for food, protection, and shelter. Man’s quest for food and better shelter took him all over the earth and resulted in the birth and growth of different civilizations. Today, though we live in civilised society, people still travel for food, but what if food has travelled for you?

In matters of the heart, distance does make the heart grow fonder. But in matters of the stomach, why should distance deprive you of the joy of having flavourful Biryani? So, earlier if you lived in Whitefield, Bengaluru, you had to travel some distance to visit Paradise and enjoy our delectable Biryani and Kebabs. The good news is that you don’t have to anymore. Paradise has come right next door to you.

sai_9614When we opened our Whitefield outlet at Virginia Mall last week, we were overjoyed by your response. We can’t thank you enough for making the opening a big success. The last weekend saw thousands of guests enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani at our newest Food Court. With responsive service and convenient facilities, we have tried to make your visit to Paradise as friendly as possible.

At our Whitefield outlet, you can choose from a variety of Biryanis and Kebabs. If you are looking for an authentic Hyderabadi meal sans the Biryani, look no further than our wide-ranging selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Curries that go perfectly well with our Rotis and Naans. And don’t forget to sweeten your experience by having our Desserts, Qubani-ka-Meetha or Double-ka-Meeta.

Demonetisation Update: Go cashless and pay with your credit/debit card at our Outlets. We accept all credit and debit cards (Visa and Master only).

A new address in Bengaluru

There are 5 Paradise Food Courts in Bengaluru today. That’s surprising given that our first Food Court in Bengaluru opened only in January 2015. In just a year and half, we grew from one Outlet to six Outlets and that’s no mean feat. During the same time, we opened only 3 new Outlets in Hyderabad. That goes to show the demand for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine in Bengaluru in general and love for Paradise food in particular.

after-opening1Yet, visit any Food Court on any day of the week, you will see it packed to the rafters. More Outlets were long overdue. We are therefore happy to announce the opening of our newest Outlet in the centre of the Geekdom that is Whitefield (Virginia Mall). In addition to Big Data, we hope the discussions will soon turn to the Big Biryani we serve. We chose the location based on long deliberations and after receiving a lot of requests from guests. The Food Court also houses a Takeaway and we will offer home delivery via our partners: Swiggy,Zomato and Food Panda.

Whitefield is an exciting place. Although it could be said about many places in Bengaluru, Whitefield is predominantly known for the presence of IT multinationals that employ thousands of employees. We believe this Outlet will help us serve the finest Hyderabadi food to people from around the country. We are drawing on our experience in setting up several Food Courts last year to deliver the signature Paradise experience from Day one.

We invite to you visit our Paradise Food Court in Virginia Mall and enjoy cuisine that made us one of Garden City’s most popular family restaurants. Experience the world’s favourite Biryani, exquisite selection of Kebabs, and a delectable line up of Curries and Desserts. Our service is cordial and responsive, while the ambience sets the right tone for a relaxed meal.  Open 11 AM to 11 PM.

Hyderabadi cuisine gets another home

Paradise is growing. Over the last couple of years, we have grown our presence in Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag. Nowhere has our growth been as rapid as it was in the Garden City. At 5 Food Courts, Hyderabadi cuisine got a new home in Bengaluru. From the start, Bengalureans have shown their love for Hyderabadi khaana (and Paradise food in particular) and our Restaurants have become instantly popular.

mailer-003At Paradise, we could not be happier. Our passion has always been to serve pure and high-quality cuisine to more and more people. We want everyone to share in the joy that comes from eating the world’s favourite Biryani! To reciprocate the love Bengalureans have shown us and to encourage more people to try our cuisine—we came up with several Special Combos and promotions over the last month exclusively for Bengaluru.

Every one of them has been a smash hit. Guests unanimously loved the Nawabi Meal Combo that helps them eat like a Nawab without having to pay like one. Students loved the Student Value Meal that’s light on their pocket. Very different from a fast-food joint, all these Combos are designed as a multi-course meal with Kebabs, Curries, Rotis and Desserts – the Biryani is a bonus.

The recently launched Single Biryani and Half Plate Kebabs are designed to make it convenient for people to try our cuisine in the right portions. As always, our focus has been on keeping Paradise cuisine affordable without compromising on quality. We are calling these the come-back-again and again prices and they have been well-received. Come and enjoy these Special Combos to enjoy delectable Hyderabadi cuisine.

Student Value Meal – Light and right@ New BEL Road, Bengaluru

The word light carries many meanings. It keeps popping up when we talk about the world around us: Helium, the lightest element; the speed of light; light reading; light work load etc. Now, you can keep this word ready when talking about the bill for your next meal at Paradise! Let’s welcome the Student Value Meal – a meal combo designed exclusively for students.

A first of its kind offering by Paradise – the Student Value Meal is a special combo comprising your favourite Biryani accompanied by Salan and Raita, Kebabs, and the “lightest” bill starting at Rs. 149 only. For now, this offer can be availed by students ONLY at our Dine-in Restaurant on New BEL Road, Bengaluru . All you have to do is show up with a hungry stomach and a valid student ID card!

So, if you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday treat with buddies, you can never go wrong with the world’s favourite Biryani and Kebabs at Paradise. The price is light and just right! If you have had a busy day of classes and a lot of food for thought, head over to our New BEL Road Outlet and get some real food. After all, your body needs to keep up with your mind.

College days are the best times of our life. There’s a lot of fun and learning – chatting and eating. What’s better than getting the best of Hyderabadi cuisine after a day’s worth of studying? Check out our exclusive Student Value Meal. It packs together food that you love the most at Paradise and the only thing light about this meal is the bill. Try it today!

Going single – A match made in Paradise

single-biryani-02When was the last time you were able to eat all the Biryani that was served? Now, we all love Paradise Biryani, the unique flavours and the never-changing taste; the Raita and the Salan, always there, like loyal associates. And we, relishers of biryani are also loyal, and it is this loyalty that considers wasting even a spoonful, a sacrilege!

Alas, the limits of the human stomach! If only, we got a portion we could do justice to each time. Well, now you do: ladies and gentlemen, put your spoons and forks together for our new Single Biryani! The Single Biryani is your own piece of paradise, just the right quantity for you to savour, giving you the satisfaction of polishing off the entire Biryani on your own.

You no longer have to look for company to enjoy the Paradise Biryani you love so much. If you are eating out with friends or family and don’t want to go with someone’s choice, then just order different Single Biryanis! If you are home alone, and want just enough food for yourself, you can order a Single Biryani from the nearest Paradise Takeaway.

The Single Biryani is a wonderful thing: it lets you get more from a meal at Paradise by giving space to enjoy a plate of Kebabs to get the juices flowing or if you have sweet tooth, it lets you end the meal with a Qubani-ka-Meetha or the classic Faluda. So, if you are in Bengaluru and you are hungry for Biryani, head over to Paradise and get your Single Biryani.

Feast like a Nawab without spending like one!

So, it is the weekend and you have guests coming over, or maybe, it is an evening when you have decided to eat out in the middle of the week. You are looking at options: should you cook at home and use the precious time you have in the kitchen? Should you order from a Takeaway? Maybe, you would like to step out for a meal. We find ourselves in this situation very often.

nawabi-mealHere is what we suggest – why don’t you save your precious time and step into one of the six Paradise outlets in Bengaluru for the new Nawabi Meal? As the name suggests, the Nawabi Meal is a meal fit for the royalty – without the attendant expense, of course. You can choose to dine in at any of our Restaurants.

Served in three variants – the Nawabi Meal Veg (Rs. 199), Nawabi Meal Chicken (Rs. 299), and Nawabi Meal Mutton (Rs. 349) – we have got something delightful for everyone. To whet your appetite further, here are some details – each of these Combos is a five-course meal with Kebabs, Roti, Curry, Biryani, and Gulab Jamun to round things off on a sweet note. Now, isn’t that a steal?

All our Nawabi Meal Combos come with the trusted quality of Paradise and we have crafted them to satisfy both your palate and your purse. Exquisite yet affordable, these meals are an absolute delight and you can now have them at a place near you. Step into any of our six Outlets and feast away – starting Oct 4! Available only at our Dine-in Restaurants.

A festival indeed!

murgh-kalmi-kebabHere comes the last week of the Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival. This year’s festival has been a huge success. Not only did we organise the Festival at more Paradise Outlets this year, but we also brought together the most diverse spread. Guests enjoyed the new varieties and we have seen many of them coming back to try out Kebabs selected expertly by our Chefs from across the Indian culinary landscape.

We want to recommend a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs that should be on your order list during this week.

chukandri-kebab1) Bhutte Ke Kebab: Polish off these minced corn kernels spiced with shah jeera, javethri and shallow fried in ghee. You will remember them for a long time.
2) Chana & Akrut Kebab: Enjoy these boiled chana dal tikkis, spiced with cloves and cardamom, and filled with walnuts. This is a perfect starter ahead of a spicy Biryani meal.
3) Tandoori Jhinga: Add a little spice to your meal with chilly and coriander spiced Tiger prawns cooked over charcoal. You will love them.
4) Mutton Shooleh: Discover the rich texture of succulent lamb morsels scented with cloves and yoghurt. Who says Mutton Kebabs aren’t soft?
5) Jaituni Tangdi Kebab: Bite into juicy and flavourful drumsticks marinated in garlic, clove and oil. A bite is all you need to fall in love with its taste.mutton-ke-sooleh

We can’t thank you enough for all your enthusiasm and encouragement, which helped us make our annual Kebab Festival bigger and better than last year’s. Before the Festival ends on September 30, we want you to enjoy the delightful Kebabs on offer at our Food Courts in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. See you next year with another wonderful spread!