Never skip a meal even when in a hurry when you are in Chennai

traypacksIf you are looking forward to Republic Day celebrations after this weekend’s Pongal celebrations. Be assured that you aren’t alone, many of us are suffering from holiday hangover. So, we have readied a flavourful surprise for you. Launching first in Chennai, Paradise has something special lined up – a meal that is exquisitely arranged, thoughtfully selected, neatly packaged for you to relish. We are calling it the Paradise Biryani Meal and it comes in an elegant tray pack.

The Paradise Biryani Meals Combo comes packed in a designer tray with the Biryani taking centre stage. In an arc of three different colors, drawing inspiration and colour from the bands of the rainbow, rest the faithful accompaniments of Paradise Biryani: Mirchi-ka-Salan, Raita, and Mint Chutney. And on the right, complementing the biryani are our specially curated Kebabs. Now isn’t that a delightful, mouth-watering sight?

When it comes to food, what smells good, tastes good. And what looks good, tastes even better! We are always on the clock, navigating through a multitude of tasks. Only when the tell-tale signs of hunger make themselves heard, we realise that it is lunch/dinner time. And at that time, ironically time is what we are short of. Worry not, the Paradise Biryani meal is perfect for you. All you need to do is pick up your tray from our Takeaway in minutes, open it up, and enjoy your meal in peace wherever you want. Eating a Paradise meal off a parcel has never been this easier or stylish. You can even order these Biryani meals from our Delivery partners.

The Paradise Biryani Meals come in four variants starting from Rs. 169. For vegetarians we have the Veg Biryani Meal (Veg Biryani with Paneer Tikka Kebab). For lovers of Egg Biryani, we offer the Egg Biryani Meal (Egg Biryani with Paneer Tikka Kebab). For those partial to Chicken or Mutton Biryani, we bring the Chicken Biryani Meal (Chicken Biryani with Chicken Tikka Kebab) and the Mutton Biryani Meal (Mutton Biryani with Chicken Tikka Kebab).

The Paradise Biryani Meal will ensure that you never skip lunch or dinner even when in a hurry. No need to hunt for a table, just sit down on a chair or a bench or take it your desk. All you will need are your two hands: one to hold on to your tray (for those around you will get tempted at the sight) and the other to eat with. Come 16 January, 2017, the Paradise Biryani Meals will be waiting for you and your lunch/dinner time. So Chennai, pick up or order your tray and keep hunger away!

Gratitude and celebration

All of India is gearing up to celebrate their festivals in a couple of days. The celebrations will be an affirmation of a life of unity in diversity in the multi-hued cultural landscape of our country. Under different names, with different rituals yet with the same spirit of generosity, joy, and gratitude, Sankranti/Pongal/Lohri/Uttarayana (these are just some of the names against many) will be celebrated across India this weekend.

im14In our part of the country, the south of India, the star of the occasion is the rice that has been harvested from the paddy fields. Rice is one of the oldest grains that was domesticated by the human civilisations and continues to be grown in the same geographical regions even today. There are different varieties of rice grown and consumed today. This versatile grain is the staple diet in addition to being the main ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes all over the region.

Basmati rice, a special variety, is reserved for cooking Pulaos and Biryanis for special meals and occasions. No prizes for guessing that we at Paradise are more than partial to Basmati rice. Our Biryanis have always been prepared with the finest long-grained Basmati rice. No other variety can take its place or do justice to a Paradise Biryani – it is unimaginable! This grain continues to bring us great gastronomical delight. It is only right to celebrate it this weekend.

We invite you, our dear customers, to the Paradise Outlets of your city – Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Visakhapatnam. Enjoy the festive mood and feast with your family, your friends, and don’t forget to celebrate rice, the grain that feeds South India, the star of all our meals, the backbone of our sustenance. Have a great weekend!

A new year, a new start!

Happy New Year everyone! Last weekend, we bid adieu to 2016 and a new year is here. As 2017 begins, let us start the new year on a fresh new page; let us resolve that all 365 days of this year will be 365 new pages with new opportunities to write 365 new stories of our life. Let this year be the year when we accomplish many great things.

The first days of the year offer the best chance to start a hobby, to reignite an old passion, to mend broken fences, and heal broken hearts. Time is on our side right now, so we can take advantage and march into this year and start doing what we had stopped or what we never started. Let’s make a promise to ourselves that there will always be hope in our hearts and kindness in our actions.

And here is a wish Paradise has for you: this year, let there always be someone you can rely on, someone who will listen to you, someone who will cherish you, and someone you can share a meal with. It can be a friend, a parent or that special someone, who is always there for you and brings out the best in you, like you do in us.

Now that we are in the New Year, what things will you continue to do? Well, whatever they are, be sure to re-experience the joy of a delicious Hyderabadi meal at Paradise. We are adding new dishes to our menu and making several improvements to our service. Here’s looking forward to having you over as we step forward together into the New Year!

Celebrating a year of happiness: Goodbye 2016!

It is hard to believe that the year is coming to an end! When we all embarked on the year 2016 in January with all our plans and dreams, December and the end of the year seemed far, far away. But we are almost there now – the excitement for welcoming the New Year is accompanied by myriad emotions for the year that is ending.

Now is the right time to look back and appreciate all that you achieved and helped others achieve, remember the lessons learned, and the love you got. If you want to dwell a little longer, do dwell on what you have and what you can give, not on what you don’t. We are joining you and looking back at what 2016 did for us. Thanks to your continued love, it was a great year for Paradise:

  1. We opened new Outlets in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai and Bengaluru. Your love and appreciation ensured that these launches were greeted with an overwhelming response. The lines in front of these Food Courts bear testimony to our success even today. On that note, we promise you that we are implementing several procedures to cut down waiting times across all out Restaurants. There should be no waiting for good food.
  2. We partnered with Swiggy, Food Panda,Food Mingo and Zomato  to bring Paradise cuisine to your doorstep so you would never have to go hungry. We were happy and humbled at the same time to see how much this was appreciated – especially by Haleem lovers during the holy Ramadan Season.
  3. We celebrated the Hot n Juicy Kebab Festival at our Outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The festival was a smashing and lip-smacking success as people enjoyed over 30 new Kebab varieties from all across the country .
  4. We invited you to join our breakfast club when we introduced the weekend breakfast at some of our Bengaluru and Hyderabad Restaurants. It took off well and so did the weekends for our guests!
  5. We added a touch of customisation and diversification to take the Paradise cuisine to more people: we introduced new Combos like the Nawabi Meal Combo, the Student Value Meal, Half plate Kebabs and the Single Biryani. All of them have been received well, as if our guests have been waiting for them all along.
  6. We received the Best Restaurant of the Year Award from the Restaurant Awards 2016 from Chef Extraordinaire Sanjeev Kapoor.

We are very happy with all we experienced and achieved this year, and we want to share our happiness and extend our gratitude to you. For it was you, who made our 2016 a happy year. We wish you a very Happy New Year. Have a great 2017!

Christmas – the season’s best reason

It is that time of the year when there is a nip in the air, and for a change, the sun feels just right on your back. Lit stars adorn many a house front and sounds of carols sing warm the cold night air. There is warmth all around; our body and soul too can do with some warmth within. An all-season favourite, Paradise cuisine is here to get the Christmas festivities off to a good start and to rekindle the warmth in our hearts.

IMG_3206When we think of celebration, the first two things that come to mind are food and decoration. Christmas is the last big festival of the year, so take advantage of the season, reclaim your time, enjoy delicious food and strengthen your zest for life. Add Christmas cheer to your tea and conversations with our range of Biscuits and Plum Cakes: each bite of this cashew-adorned cake is rich not just in fruit and flavour but also texture.

Christmas is also the season’s best reason to re-unite with friends and family, to have get-togethers and bond over elaborate meals. Let Paradise delight you with our Special Supreme Chicken and Mutton Biryani. These two Biryanis are great for sharing and savouring together. A special meal for the special people in your life would be incomplete without a round of hot Gulab Jamuns and the season’s favourite Gajar ka Halwa.

chocolate-bisuit_3118Christmas signals the upcoming holiday season—the time of the year when we connect with loved ones, look back on the current year, and count our blessings. It is also the time to indulge in the pleasures of life – relaxing over a delicious meal, sipping that second cup of Irani Chai, looking at the family album, sharing stories, sharing memories—making memories. Come to Paradise for a special Christmas meal with your loved ones and complement the chill in the air with a variety of hot Biryanis and scrumptious, smoking kebabs that go down just right with everyone!

Traditionally yours!

In India, tradition is a part of everyone’s life. Be it the rituals and ceremonies or the way in which social customs and practices are preserved and passed on from generation to generation. The Paradise experience is no different. The Biryani here has been a household name for over half a century now. The youth of 1953 may now be the grandparent of 2016 but the taste of Paradise remains the same – to everyone’s delight.

If you walk into Paradise Outlets on a Saturday evening, you will notice two things at once: mostly delighted families seated at the different tables and the air rich with the aroma of Biryani. The sight makes you wish you were also eating dinner with your family. In fact, there are some families that have been visiting Paradise and enjoying the authentic Hyderabadi fare from three generations now.

Sometimes they all visit together and to the onlookers the place truly feels like Paradise: grandparents who may not recognise the surroundings much but who know the food as well as they know each other; parents who have been witness to the transformation of Paradise as much as Paradise has been a witness to theirs; children who love the food, the ambience, and of course, the Falooda!

They all appreciate Paradise for changing and keeping up with the times much like their own lives and lifestyles. But they love Paradise for not changing when it comes to the taste and quality of the fare, and the warm service. Paradise has always been family-friendly and we do everything to ensure that they enjoy good times. And this is why Paradise is everyone’s choice.

For isn’t Paradise the place where they celebrated little Aman’s first words? When the twins Sameer and Saima, both got into a college of their choice, didn’t Ammi insist that everyone go to Paradise to celebrate? And let’s not forget Vamsi’s first job promotion, this is where he treated his new wife. Countless marriage anniversaries, birthdays, engagements have been celebrated in our Restaurants over the decades.

The Paradise family has been privileged to be a part of your family’s cherished memories and hopes to be a part of many more. And what memories, what good times!

Chai and biscuits, Hyderabadi style

3O6B0055To experience a city completely, you have to experience its food, partake of its local snacks and the local cuisine. When people think of their experience of Hyderabad, the famed Biryani is not the only food that comes to mind. They think of Irani Chai, Osmania, Khara and Fruit biscuits too. Why not? Chai and conversation is an integral part of India’s culture.

Therefore, if you have been out and about the city and become hungry, especially between meals, there is nothing as refreshing and comforting as a hot cup of Irani chai, a plate of freshly baked Khara biscuits and quality conversation. Don’t be surprised if you polish off the entire plate on your own and share in only the conversation! These cookies are crispy, soft and irresistible.

img_3235At our Bakery in the Secunderabad Outlet, we also serve Plum Cakes, Pastries and Puffs. You will not have to wait for Christmas to relish the rich and sweet Plum Cakes we bake in-house. You can choose from pastries in different flavours and also have your pick of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Puffs.If you have a celebration planned, a birthday treat or a team celebration at work, you can get all the Pastries, Puffs and Samosas you want to make it a celebration to remember.

img_3195If you can’t have enough of this all, worry not. Our biscuits also come in neatly packed boxes that you can take home. These also make great gifts for those friends and colleagues who miss these and miss Hyderabad. What’s more? These are available at all our Outlets. So just visit our Bakeries and order a cup of Irani Chai and those melt-in-the-mouth Khara biscuits to start with. Then you can proceed to the Puffs or is it a Pastry that you are suddenly craving?!