Chai and biscuits, Hyderabadi style

3O6B0055To experience a city completely, you have to experience its food, partake of its local snacks and the local cuisine. When people think of their experience of Hyderabad, the famed Biryani is not the only food that comes to mind. They think of Irani Chai, Osmania, Khara and Fruit biscuits too. Why not? Chai and conversation is an integral part of India’s culture.

Therefore, if you have been out and about the city and become hungry, especially between meals, there is nothing as refreshing and comforting as a hot cup of Irani chai, a plate of freshly baked Khara biscuits and quality conversation. Don’t be surprised if you polish off the entire plate on your own and share in only the conversation! These cookies are crispy, soft and irresistible.

img_3235At our Bakery in the Secunderabad Outlet, we also serve Plum Cakes, Pastries and Puffs. You will not have to wait for Christmas to relish the rich and sweet Plum Cakes we bake in-house. You can choose from pastries in different flavours and also have your pick of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Puffs.If you have a celebration planned, a birthday treat or a team celebration at work, you can get all the Pastries, Puffs and Samosas you want to make it a celebration to remember.

img_3195If you can’t have enough of this all, worry not. Our biscuits also come in neatly packed boxes that you can take home. These also make great gifts for those friends and colleagues who miss these and miss Hyderabad. What’s more? These are available at all our Outlets. So just visit our Bakeries and order a cup of Irani Chai and those melt-in-the-mouth Khara biscuits to start with. Then you can proceed to the Puffs or is it a Pastry that you are suddenly craving?!


Delicious meals and great deals

As it is with most things in life, when it comes to food, change keeps things exciting. No matter how much you love our Biryani, if you do not explore the other dishes on our menu, you are losing out on some of the most sublime experiences. A little adventurism is always a good thing when it comes to food, yet most guests choose to “play it safe” by ordering familiar dishes.

From time to time, Paradise organises special festivals and promotions to encourage guests to go off the beaten track. These have been successful in introducing new dishes – and new favourites – to guests. A Kebab that you have never heard, a starter with a strange name, or a Dessert that tastes irresistibly yummy, these promotions help guests discover something new and exciting.

What’s more? With special promotions, you get better value for money as most of the dishes in the spotlight are offered at a good discount. For example, one recent promotional scheme offers our delectable selection of baked foods – biscuits, plum cakes and cup cakes – at a 10% discount. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relish these confectionaries at a great price.

We invite you to make the most of our promotional schemes and enjoy your old favourites as well as ones that could soon become your new favourites. At Paradise, our focus has always been to consistently serve delicious, high-quality cuisine at prices that are affordable. Our promotions and special offers help us achieve this goal and also keep our cuisine interesting – always.

Ring in the festivities!

The weather’s perfect and the air is charged with excitement. In less than a week, Christmas will officially ring in the festivities. The schools are closed for holidays. Friends and families are coming home. This is just about the perfect time to relax, go around town, do holiday shopping and enjoy great food with people who are special to us.cake

Every year on Christmas, we see a lot of families coming over to Paradise to enjoy their festive meal. It starts on Christmas Eve and goes on until the New Year’s day. Quite rightly so, when you are busy shopping gifts, decorating the Christmas tree and doing a thousand other things, you would not have the time to prepare an elaborate meal. Anyways, that’s what we do best.

On Christmas day, our Restaurant teems with families, fun and laughter. We bet you wouldn’t see a face that is not happy, contented and full of hope. The spirit of Christmas is all about truth, joy, hope and gratitude. On this very special day, one could see it radiating from every nook and corner of our Restaurants. That is what makes a meal at Paradise during Christmas time very special.

This Christmas, celebrate the festive spirit with your friends and loved ones at Paradise Restaurants in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Enjoy good food, great service and happy times. There’s so much in life to be thankful about and this is the best time to rejoice in all the wonderful things that life has to offer. In advance, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

You can order fresh and delicious Christmas cakes from our Bakeries.

Make your celebrations sweeter

IMG_3206Cakes are an essential part of every celebration today. While the tradition of cutting cakes for weddings and birthdays dates back to the Roman and early medieval times, it is only in the last few decades that this practice extended to anniversaries, farewells and whatnot. It is one of the most interesting events of any ceremony and, at any rate, the most camera-friendly one.

Whatever be your celebration, we have the perfect cake for you at Paradise. Our Bakeries in Secunderabad, Begumpet and Kukatpally offer freshly baked cakes to make your celebrations more special. With different flavours and delicious toppings, these are surely going to get your guests craving for more. In every bite, you can feel the Paradise purity and taste.

IMG_3213Some of us are in the habit of referring to easy tasks as “a piece of cake”, but making a perfect cake is anything but easy. We employ master bakers with years of experience and they bring to baking the same passion that goes into making our popular cuisine, say Biryani or Kebabs. Made with high quality ingredients, most of our cakes are sold out on the same day.

With the holiday season approaching, buying cakes must be on the top of your mind. We offer you fresh and delicious cakes in several varieties including chocolate, butterscotch, and pineapple. Order them fresh at our Bakeries in Secunderabad, Begumpet and Kukatpally. It’s one sure-fire way to make your celebrations sweeter.

Snack and chat

1If you want to have authentic Hyderabadi khana for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you know Paradise is the place to be. However, that’s not all though. What if you want to grab a quick snack or take home crispy cookies? Try Paradise Bakery. Outside of a few long-time guests, many do not know that much about it. So, those who are hearing the name for the first time, read on.

5The Bakery at Secunderabad was one of our earliest establishments. It started, decades back, with the Paradise Café and has been serving some of the most delectable snacks and baked foods ever since. Now present at our Food Courts in Secunderabad, Kukatpally and Begumpet, our Bakeries are popular hangouts for people looking to have a quick snack and a brisk chat.

The Bakery at Secunderabad is not only the oldest, but also the biggest. Guests can choose from a wide range of biscuits and pastries to puffs and samosas. If you have a birthday or anniversary celebration coming up, do not forget to check out our selection of fresh cakes. The crunchy and smooth fruit, almond and cashew biscuits make for perfect evening snacks – kids love them.15

Of course, taking their assured places in the limelight are the authentic Osmania, Khara and Tie biscuits. Best enjoyed with a piping hot Irani Chai, these biscuits allay hunger between meals and refresh you. We also serve fresh fruit juices, lassis, Faludas and cool drinks. Visit our Bakeries to enjoy snacks and drinks that come with the Paradise guarantee of purity and taste.

Stay cool with Falooda

Summer is here with its interminable heat. This is the time when people everywhere look for yummy options to hydrate themselves. While, there is no dearth of cool drinks in India, each individual has his own preferences. Some prefer the refreshing punch of a fresh lime soda while there are others who cannot resist gulping down a delicious glass of Lassi.lassi

There are also drinks that are filling. A favourite of many, especially during evenings, the Falooda defies easy classification. It is part dessert and part drink with its sizzling combination of milk, rose syrup, basil seeds and Falooda Sev topped off with a scoop of ice-cream. Basil seeds have been known for a long time for their health benefits including their cooling and calming effect.

People across the country love Falooda. At Paradise Bakery and Restaurants, this one is a favourite summer pick among many other drinks we serve. Our Shahi Falooda is popular for its rich creamy and smooth texture.  One cannot think of a better end to a fiery day than enjoying a flavourful glass of Falooda with friends.

We invite you to visit our Bakery in Secunderabad or our Restaurants and enjoy our Shahi Falooda. We also offer an eclectic selection of cool drinks including Lassi and fresh fruit juices. What are you waiting for? Keep the heat away and stay cool with rejuvenating cool drinks made with love at Paradise.

Samosa & Chai: The Ultimate Combo

In our quest for the best, we always discard the “or” in favour of “and”. When we buy a shirt, we think about the trousers it goes well with. We top off our favourite chocolate latte with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We round off a perfect meal with a paan. We prefer matching our shoes and dresses. We are not content with enjoying the best in isolated things; we love combining the best in many.

From a very long time, Hyderabadis have been enjoying a combination that has become a part of their culture: chai and samosa. Many of them believe that, to satisfy their hunger between meals, nothing beats a samosa washed down with a hot cup of rejuvenating Irani chai.

Let’s say that you want to meet with a friend and it is not quite time for a lunch or dinner. The best thing to do is to walk into the Paradise cafe or Bakery at Secunderabad to have samosa and chai, which is what many of our customers have been doing for the last 60 years. Nothing complements the taste of a scrumptious samosa better than a flavor some Irani chai. No wonder so many call them the ultimate combo.

Before we became known for the best Biryani we make, we were extremely popular for our chai and samosas. Today, they remain just as popular as our Biryani. Try this combo for yourself and chances are that you would have more reasons to visit us – again and again.