Kebabs win hearts

Galouti kebabIf you have been to any of our Outlets in Hyderabad or Bengaluru during the last fortnight, you would have noticed that the star of our menu at the moment is not the Biryani, but Kebabs. Rightly so, what an excellent selection our Chefs have selected for the Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival. They searched kitchens across India to bring our guests the finest Kebabs from across regions.
Gul Lazeez Kebab
The Festival brought together 25 lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs, of which 16 are new varieties. Guests have been enjoying this diverse and delectable spread. Here are five Kebabs that won hearts at the Festival:Tulsi Machi

1. Mutton Galouti Kebab: A classical Lucknowi minced lamb kebab flavoured with saffron, cashew, brown onions rolled as patty and shallow fried in ghee.
2. Zaffrani Murg Sarfiyaa: De-boned chicken thighs marinated with saffron,cardamom and cream cooked in tandoor.
3. Tulsi Machhi: Basil and ginger smeared fish chargrilled to perfection.
4. Subz aur Mungphalli Sheekh: Minced veggies & cashew skewered kebabs crusted with peanuts and cooked in a moderate live charcoal.Zaffrani Murgh Sarfiya
5. Gul Lazeez Kebab: Mashed arbi stuffed with cheese cigars, crusted with cracklings and deep fried.

We are also serving Kebab Platters that offer an assortment of these Kebabs. Do try these new varieties and more at the Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival organised at all our Outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Only until September 30.


The ultimate Kebab carnival is back

CaptureUtter the name Paradise and the first thing that comes to mind is Biryani. However, guests who have ordered other things on our menu and find them equally great. They are pleasantly surprised at many of our hidden gems and soon the word spreads. That’s how our Kebabs acquired a large pool of admirers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. One event though completely launched them into the mainstream world of Paradise cuisine.

Mixed Festival PlatterLast year around this time of the year, we organised the Mazedar Kebab Festival at select Restaurants and it became an instant hit. Guests discovered classics that have been there on our menu for long and also several new varieties. Some varieties that were intended only for the Festival became permanent fixtures on our menu – the Tulsi Murg Kebab for example.

Chicken PlatterBuoyed by this success, we are back with the 2nd edition titled Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival. This time it is not only bigger but also better. Organised in our Hyderabad and Bengaluru Restaurants, the event will bring together 25 lip-smacking varieties. Our Chefs scoured kitchens across the country to bring you 16 new varieties that represent the best in Indian cuisine.

Veg PlatterTo help you enjoy a little of everything, we have also designed 3 Platters:Mixed Festival Platter (5 varieties of Chicken, Lamb and Fish Kebabs), Chicken Kebab Platter (5 varieties of Chicken Kebabs) and All Veggies Platter (5 varieties of Vegetarian Kebabs). These Platters offer a great opportunity to sample different varieties we are serving during this Festival.

Hot N Juicy Kebab Festival starts August 15th and ends September 30th. Do visit our Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru to experience the finest Kebabs from across the country expertly made by our top Chefs. Don’t forget to let us know your feedback. See you at our Outlets soon!

Kebabs have arrived!

Well, the verdict is in. The Mazedar Kebab Festival was a resounding success. Thousands and thousands of guests enjoyed over 25 varieties of Kebabs and discovered several new favourites among them. In a Restaurant where Biryani dominates everything, this festival allowed us to shift the conversation to other equally marvellous dishes on the menu.

Kebabs CollageNo matter how good our Biryani is, for Paradise to remain attractive to guests, we need to continuously bring variety. This Festival gave our Chefs the opportunity to scour the kitchens of India to uncover several delicious Kebabs and add them to our menu. Our diligent preparation and hard work in conducting this festival truly paid off.

Of course, the success could not have been possible without the endless encouragement of guests. Across Restaurants/Takeaways, they skipped their usual favourites to try out the new dishes. They also gave us generous feedback on which dishes are great and which ones need improvement. On the whole, the new Kebabs won the hearts of our guests.

At Paradise, every dish on our menu gets the same passionate attention from our Chefs that our Biryani gets. A strong emphasis on traditional cooking techniques and usage of premium ingredients set apart our cuisine. Our guests have seen the same quality brought to our Kebabs at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. We thank you all for your continued love and trust.

Guests keep coming back for more

Festival PlatterIf someone helps himself to another serving, it is a sure bet that he liked the dish. Our mothers know this well and, as makers of the World’s Favourite Biryani, we know this all too well. Thanks to our Mazedar Kebab Festival, something similar is happening across Paradise Food Courts in the last three weeks, as guests can’t have enough of delectable Kebabs.

The Festival took off really well with guests instantly admiring the breath-taking diversity of the spread. In its third week now, we have already seen many guests coming back to take another bite at their new found favourite or try new varieties. For the first time, the Festival brought together 25 scrumptious Kebab varieties representing the best in Indian cuisine.

Thali Hui MachliWhether you are a vegetarian or a seafood lover, we have a great new variety to offer. Some popular dishes are the Veg. Hari Bhari Tikki, Mutton Sooleh Kebab, Tulsi Murg Kebab and Sarson Mahi Tikki. Of course, you can also enjoy our exquisite selection of timeless classics. But right now, surprisingly even for us, the new varieties are the flavour of the moment.

Lovers of Hyderabadi cuisine rejoice, beat a path to our Restaurants/Takeaways, take up your forks, and dig into a delightful Kebab of your choice. You have a world of new cuisine to discover at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. For guests who paid us the great compliment of a repeat visit, we cannot thank you enough for all your love and encouragement – you are the best.

New kebab varieties win hearts

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoIn life, we seek variety. In fact, like someone once said, it is the spice of life. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to food. Our taste buds crave new sensations and we satisfy this desire by experiencing new dishes. This probably explains why new dishes are stealing the show at the inaugural Mazedar Kebab Festival organized by Paradise across all its Restaurants/Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

16 Tulsi MurgOne new variety that is winning hearts is the Tulsi Murg Kebab. Barbecued on an open grill, these sizzling drumsticks infused with Basil and Garlic are mouth-wateringly delicious. For lovers of lamb, the Mutton Sooleh Kebab with its delicate balance of spices and refreshing clove overtones will simply melt in your mouth leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Sarson Mahi TikkaThose who love seafood, try our Sarson Mahi Tikka, a superb dish that serves delectable Murrel fish tikka steeped in yellow chilli, kasundi mustard and barbequed to perfection. The Festival Platter brings together a special assortment of non-vegetarian Kebabs. For vegetarians, the Hari Bhari Tikki with its deep-fried paneer, cheese and palak tikki is getting a lot of attention.

9 Hari Bhari TikkiIt pays to be adventurous sometimes. Like many of our guests have found out already, it definitely works at the Mazedar Kebab Festival. Try out the savoury new Kebab varieties before the festival ends and let us know what you think. Your feedback will encourage us to continuously add new varieties and serve you great cuisine.

Kebabs in Spotlight

Paradise Kebab Festival LogoFood-wise, the name Hyderabad invokes many images. The irresistible Biryani, the sublime Haleem, and the piping hot Irani Chai. While all these are definitely representative of the city’s astonishing culinary variety, some specialities have almost slipped from the public mind, drowned in the buzz of more popular dishes like the Biryani.

Kebabs CollageThese include such marvels as Paaya, Marag, Pathar-ka-Gosht and Kebabs – especially the Kebabs. Every dish bears the imprint of its travel and it is clearly evident in the case of Kebabs. Originating as a Persian dish in the Middle East, Kebabs grew in popularity and variety, taking inspiration from culinary styles as diverse as the Mediterranean and Indian.

Festival PlatterWhat Hyderabadi Chefs did with them is quite a story. Building on centuries of Mughlai tradition, they innovated boldly by using indigenous South Indian spices. The classics they created that continue to delight people. Hyderabadi Kebabs combine the best of both worlds – the smoky flavour of skewered meat with the zesty blast of Indian spices.

Veg PlatterBeginning August 15,2015  Paradise will shine the spotlight on Kebabs with the Mazedar Kebab Festival across our Restaurants and Takeaways in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. As many of you know, our Kebabs are as special as our Biryani, made with great passion by Chefs dedicated to their art. This is a great opportunity to enjoy 25 Kebab varieties, that include both timeless classics and several new varieties. Stay posted for more.