Drink up and beat the heat!

Summer is here and it is here to stay, with its scorching sun and soaring temperatures. But they don’t have to be only about the heat. Instead of “It’s so hot!” we want to say and hear “It’s so cool!” That is why, we are here to help you cool off with our diverse, colourful, cooling, and delicious array of summer drinks! From a popular Paradise offering, the Falooda in its three variants, to the quintessentially Punjabi Lassi, and the always in demand fresh, nutritious fruit juices, our Paradise Outlets have it all, to make the summer a cool experience for you.

When the mercury is rising, when the heat plays havoc with our systems and with our heads, it is easy to lose one’s cool! Well, we at Paradise don’t want you to lose your cool. In fact, we want you to stay cool! This summer, sip on our sweet and soothing summer drinks! Their delicious and sweet taste will delight you, and their inherent cooling properties will keep you refreshed all day through!

So, if you want to cool your body down and soothe your parched throat, walk in to your nearest Paradise Food Court. We have just the thing, rather things, for you: Faloodas, Lassis, and fruit juices! Can one truly think of summer without thinking of kulfis? We bring to you our Shahi Kulfi Falooda and our Royal Kulfi Falooda, the delicious combination of the classic Indian frozen dessert with Paradise’s much loved Falooda. Or you could have the Bombay Special Falooda – it’s a Bombay Special, need we say more?

And can one ever imagine an Indian summer without that king of fruits, the mango? The Mango Lassi made with the sweetest mango pulp and thick creamy yoghurt, is like no other flavoured Lassi. Our Lassis also include the classic sweet Lassi topped with thick cream, and the classic Salted Lassi. The lassi will not only help you beat the heat, it will refresh you and reenergise you with every sip you take.

When one is out in this heat for even five minutes, it feels as if a giant vacuum cleaner has sucked out every last drop of moisture from our bodies. We feel sapped and each time we step out, we face the very real risk of dehydration. To keep you hydrated and nourished, we also have fresh fruit juices – Grape, Orange, Mosambi, Apple, and Pineapple. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, and natural sugars that keep you healthy and give you instant energy. So, let’s stay hydrated and energised and drink up to beat this heat.


Stay cool with Falooda

Summer is here with its interminable heat. This is the time when people everywhere look for yummy options to hydrate themselves. While, there is no dearth of cool drinks in India, each individual has his own preferences. Some prefer the refreshing punch of a fresh lime soda while there are others who cannot resist gulping down a delicious glass of Lassi.lassi

There are also drinks that are filling. A favourite of many, especially during evenings, the Falooda defies easy classification. It is part dessert and part drink with its sizzling combination of milk, rose syrup, basil seeds and Falooda Sev topped off with a scoop of ice-cream. Basil seeds have been known for a long time for their health benefits including their cooling and calming effect.

People across the country love Falooda. At Paradise Bakery and Restaurants, this one is a favourite summer pick among many other drinks we serve. Our Shahi Falooda is popular for its rich creamy and smooth texture.  One cannot think of a better end to a fiery day than enjoying a flavourful glass of Falooda with friends.

We invite you to visit our Bakery in Secunderabad or our Restaurants and enjoy our Shahi Falooda. We also offer an eclectic selection of cool drinks including Lassi and fresh fruit juices. What are you waiting for? Keep the heat away and stay cool with rejuvenating cool drinks made with love at Paradise.