Paradise in Uppal

Finally, we opened our 10th Outlet in the bustling neighbourhood of Uppal. The choice has been pretty easy. With many schools, engineering colleges and residential localities around, Uppal seemed the right place for our milestone Outlet. Many people make a long commute to work from this area. With this Outlet, they do not have to do the same on weekends to enjoy legendary Paradise cuisine. Located Opp. Bantia Furniture, our new Outlet is easy to spot.

In an area that is constantly abuzz with activity, our Restaurant offers a quiet space to enjoy a relaxed meal with family and friends. We are bringing the best of our cuisine—Biryani, Kebabs, Curries and Desserts—to this Outlet. Attentive service, valet parking and clean interiors make it convenient and comfortable for our guests to visit this Outlet frequently. The Takeaway on the Ground Floor comes to your rescue on those days when you are too tired to cook.

Whether you are out to watch cricket at the Uppal Stadium or catch a flick at a nearby multiplex, our Food Court will satisfy your Biryani cravings. Students can enjoy asli Hyderabadi khana with friends after a long day of classes. If you are heading out to Warangal or nearby towns, you can take delicious Paradise cuisine to friends and loved ones in convenient Combo packs. The Bakery on the Ground Floor serves our famous Irani Chai that instantly livens you up.

Every Paradise Outlet is a landmark and we understand that you will have high expectations from us. We promise to do our best to delight you on every visit with great cuisine and warm hospitality. Make this Outlet your go-to place for all celebrations and get-togethers. If you can’t get out of home for any reason, order your favourite cuisine from Swiggy, Food Panda  or Zomato to have it delivered to your door. Do visit our new Food Court soon!


A grand welcome in Visakhapatnam

Like it has always been for our every new Outlet, the response to the opening of our Visakhapatnam Outlet was overwhelming. We are hardly surprised. People of Coastal Andhra are unabashed food lovers and the region is known for embracing diverse culinary styles. The arrival of the world’s favourite Biryani and authentic Hyderabadi cuisine was rightly met with cheerful enthusiasm. Thanks Visakhapatnam for your love. We are truly humbled. pfc vizag

Located on the VIP Road, the Food Court is conveniently located for most people and it is close to the shopping hubs of the city. With modern interiors and comfortable seating, the place is ideal if you want to enjoy a relaxed meal with family or friends. Cordial service and valet parking help you peacefully dine on sublime Hyderabadi food – everything’s taken care of.

Of course, we do not need to introduce our food. The main draw would, of course, be our Biryani. Many Vizagites who tasted it at our Hyderabad Outlets love it. We brought our top Chefs to bring the same taste and quality to Visakhapatnam, so go on and enjoy a hot bowl of Dum Biryani that harmoniously blends long-grained Basmati rice, tender meat and exotic spices.

This week, we have had many guests telling us that they loved our Kebabs. We offer the best selection of flavourful Kebabs. Trust us, you will love them as much as you love our Biryani. Also on our menu are several delectable Indian Curries that can be enjoyed with some of the softest Rotis you will ever get anywhere. Finally, do not forget to end your meal with toothsome Double-ka-Meeta or Qubani-ka-Meeta (Dessert).

Paradise hits a six!

It all started in Bengaluru. India’s rapid ascent as a leader in IT services heralded the beginning of yet another golden age for India. In the flurry of development, it’s easy to forget that it all began on the outskirts of Bengaluru in an area that has since become one of the most vibrant industrial parks – the Electronics City.

IMG-20160502-WA0002Today, Electronics City is without doubt India’s IT high street. It is to IT industry what Dalal Street is to Financial Services. It is here that people from all corners of India have found careers that match their talent and ambition. Walk along the busy lanes, amidst glitzy offices of IT majors, and you will find it hard not to feel upbeat.

We are thrilled to share with you all that our sixth Outlet in Bengaluru is now open in Electronics City. Geeks, nerds, techies, call them what you like, they can enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani and a world of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine without travelling too far. Next to SJR Equinox, our new Food Court is conveniently located.

With classy interiors to match the surroundings, the Food Court offers royal Hyderabadi cuisine and gracious service. Open 11 AM to 11 PM, we serve delightful Biryani, scrumptious Kebabs, delectable Curries, sublime Desserts and more. Our Takeaway offers value-for-money combos if you like to enjoy asli Hyderabadi khana from the comfort of your home. Keep us on your weekend eating out list.

A new Paradise on New BEL Road

One of our resolutions this year is to reach more people. The three Food Courts we opened so far in Bengaluru have been received extremely well by the foodies of the Garden City, thanks to their love for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. All of them are packed to capacity most of the time. During weekends and at peak hours, we are forced to make our dear guests wait, which isn’t something we like.

IMG-20160111-WA0004We tried multiple approaches to reduce the waiting time by streamlining delivery and service procedures, but they only go so far. We realised that time has come for us to open another Food Court, and this time we wanted to choose a location that is a little away from the city’s bustling core, but every bit as special as our other ones. We announce with great pleasure that New BEL Road ,Near BEL Circle will soon host the newest Paradise Food Court.

Given the ocean of traffic that invariably greets us all on roads, we wanted Bengalureans living off the densely crowded urban areas to conveniently enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani. With Orion Mall and ISKCON Temple a 20-minute drive away, it is perfect for a weekend outing where you can combine a shopping and sightseeing trip with an exquisite culinary experience. MS Ramaiah Institute of Management and Medical College are also nearby.

The Food Court houses our Restaurant and Takeaway. With splendid interiors and vibrant lighting, the Restaurant sets the perfect mood for a relaxed meal with friends and family.If you want to enjoy your favourite cuisine while watching your favourite TV show, the Takeaway offers over more than 60 dishes ranging from Rotis and Curries to Kebabs and Biryanis. The Food Court is slated to open on January 16 and it will be open 11 AM to 11 PM. Visit us and let us know what you think.You can also find us on Swiggy, Foodpanda and Foodmingo.

Paradise Koramangala off to a great start

3O6B0253There’s so much action happening at Koramangala, that one has to shout to get noticed, metaphorically speaking. Our new Food Court has done exactly that. We are very happy to tell you that the Restaurant was an instant hit with diners and we are seeing a steady stream of guests. Right from the opening day, the Restaurant has got the town talking.

3O6B0595Like always, we are tuned into feedback coming from multiple channels, from feedback cards, from informal surveys and of course from social media. The initial response has been heartening. Guests love the convenience of enjoying authentic Hyderabadi cuisine from Paradise in a location that they frequent, especially during weekends.

3O6B0508Guests also have great things to say about the splendid interiors and gracious service. Many guests appreciated photographs of Chefs making Hyderabadi cuisine that line the walls. At Paradise, we always believed that both good food and great service are equally important to create memorable experiences for guests and it is happy to see encouraging feedback in this area.

For companies and start-ups located in Koramangala, the Takeaway offers excellent value combos to keep hunger away. The service is swift and the packaging world-class. The best feedback, however, has been reserved for food. Guests unanimously appreciated the food on offer. It is 100% pure and delicious, like what you would expect from Paradise.

Drop by our Koramangala Restaurant (on 80 ft Road, 4th Block) and relish the royal feast.

Paradise in foodie’s heaven

k4For Bengalureans or any young Indian for that matter, Koramangala does not need an introduction. It has long been one of the best places to live in Bengaluru, and starting from the late 90s, it has become the go-to destination for shopping, hanging out and enjoying great cuisine for the city’s young and hungry. To put it shortly, Koramangala is where the action is.

As the phrase goes, it is a city within a city with nearly 500 Restaurants serving cuisine from across the globe.With the entry of Paradise, the area is about to get one of the most prestigious Indian food brands and we are adding an equally important location to our growing presence. This will be our twelfth outlet and our third in Bengaluru.

k 5To open a new Restaurant in such an exciting location is a task that requires careful planning and diligent execution. We are happy with every minute we spent poring over minute details. The result is a Restaurant that features majestic interiors with splendid design. The service will be world-class as ever and the cuisine will definitely put a smile on your lips.

We invite you to come and enjoy signature Paradise cuisine at our new Koramanagala Food Court. If you want to grab a quick parcel after a long shopping trip, drop by our Takeaway to order from a wide range of dishes ranging from Starters and Kebabs to Biryani and Desserts.There is no better place to have authentic Hyderabadi khaana.

Gachibowli’s new Paradise

2Like we mentioned countless times on this blog, the demand for authentic Hyderabad cuisine has been on a steady ascent. This means more guests at our Restaurants, which are invariably packed to capacity most of the time. The Hitec City Food Court has emerged as one of our busiest Outlets with food-loving techies making it their favourite haunt.

6So, to spread the demand, we opened a classy new Paradise Food Court on September 24, 2015 in the middle of the geekdom that is Gachibowli. We are excited to host techies and professionals from leading multinationals, who made this hotspot their offices and homes. Cosmopolitan crowds and delightful Hyderabadi Khaana make this one of the most exciting places to dine at.

9With well-lit trendy interiors and swift service, everything about this new Food Court seamlessly complements the fast-paced lifestyles of our guests. Biryani, Kebabs and Desserts, guests can enjoy everything that is special about Hyderabadi cuisine. If you are having a busy week, take a parcel of the World’s Favourite Biryani to cheer your mood and keep you going.

7Hyderabad has been witnessing a wave of rapid development and Gachibowli has quickly become one of the city’s most happening areas. So, there’s no way we cannot have a presence here. Also, in terms of capacity, this Outlet is one of our largest. We are located on the Gachibowli Main Road, opp HP Petrol bunk. Drop by and let us know your feedback.