A new year, a new start!

Happy New Year everyone! Last weekend, we bid adieu to 2016 and a new year is here. As 2017 begins, let us start the new year on a fresh new page; let us resolve that all 365 days of this year will be 365 new pages with new opportunities to write 365 new stories of our life. Let this year be the year when we accomplish many great things.

The first days of the year offer the best chance to start a hobby, to reignite an old passion, to mend broken fences, and heal broken hearts. Time is on our side right now, so we can take advantage and march into this year and start doing what we had stopped or what we never started. Let’s make a promise to ourselves that there will always be hope in our hearts and kindness in our actions.

And here is a wish Paradise has for you: this year, let there always be someone you can rely on, someone who will listen to you, someone who will cherish you, and someone you can share a meal with. It can be a friend, a parent or that special someone, who is always there for you and brings out the best in you, like you do in us.

Now that we are in the New Year, what things will you continue to do? Well, whatever they are, be sure to re-experience the joy of a delicious Hyderabadi meal at Paradise. We are adding new dishes to our menu and making several improvements to our service. Here’s looking forward to having you over as we step forward together into the New Year!