Take that tray away (with you)!

It is that time of the year folks. The end of year reviews have started and so has the strategic planning for the new fiscal.  We know this is a crucial and a very busy time for all you hard-working folks in Madhapur, Hitec city and Gachibowli. We also know how easy it is to forget about your own needs when you are busy fulfilling clients’ demands. So, we have decided to do something about it and have readied a flavourful surprise for you.

Going live this month in in your vicinity in Hyderabad is a special offering for you IT folks – a meal that is exquisitely arranged, thoughtfully selected, neatly packaged for you to relish. We are calling it the Paradise Biryani Meal and it comes in an elegant Tray Pack. It is easy to carry, even easier to eat from, and is even perfect as a meal on the go for busy people like you.

Food shouldn’t just taste good, it needs to look good! The Paradise Biryani Meal is one good-looking combo that comes in a designer tray with the Biryani taking centre stage. In an arc of three different colors, drawing inspiration and colour from the bands of the rainbow, rest the faithful accompaniments of Paradise Biryani: Mirchi-ka-Salan, Raita, and Mint Chutney. And on the right, complementing the Biryani are our Kebabs. Now isn’t that a mouth-watering sight?

The Paradise Biryani Meals come in four variants starting from Rs. 169. For vegetarians we have the Veg Biryani Meal (Veg Biryani with Paneer Tikka Kebab). For lovers of Egg Biryani, we offer the Egg Biryani Meal (Egg Biryani with Paneer Tikka Kebab). For those partial to Chicken or Mutton, we bring the Chicken Biryani Meal (Chicken Biryani with Chicken Tikka Kebab) and the Mutton Biryani Meal (Mutton Biryani with Chicken Tikka Kebab).

So when the tell-tale signs of hunger make themselves heard, and you realise that it is lunch/dinner time, the Paradise Biryani meal is the perfect option for you! All you need to do is pick up your tray from our Takeaway in minutes, open it up, and enjoy your meal in peace wherever you want. There is no need to hunt for a table, just sit down on a chair or a bench or take it your desk. Eating a Paradise meal off a parcel has never been this easier or stylish. So corporate Hyderabad, take your tray and keep hunger away! You can also order the same through our Delivery partners – Swiggy,Zomato and Foodpanda.


Paradise everywhere!

We believe in relationships. We believe in choices, not diktats. We believe that a meal is important because it gives you nourishment and energy, and sometimes, even relief. For a meal is an experience, it is not a chore. This is why we believe in getting our food and service right—every single time. When people talk about Hyderabad, they always recommend Paradise Biryani. In a way, our identity is tied to Hyderabad. You know why?

Because Hyderabad is where it all began. Biryani—the jewel in the crown of Hyderabadi cuisine—has been our specialty. For a long time, there was just one Paradise, the Dine-in Restaurant in a place called Paradise—yes, named after the Restaurant. Today, thanks to your love, we have 18 Outlets, not only in Hyderabad but also in Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag. These Outlets did not mushroom overnight, borne out of a random impulse. Each of them has been meticulously planned.

We do not follow the franchising model. All Paradise Outlets are our own and we operate them ourselves. We have been very cautious in our expansion because our goal has always been to provide the signature Paradise experience to our guests consistently. We receive innumerable requests to open new Restaurants, but we will only do so when we are absolutely sure that we got everything right at our 18 existing Outlets. Philosophically, that’s the only constraint on our growth.

We are not a quick service restaurant. We want you to relax and enjoy your meals when you visit us. Yes, we do believe in providing prompt and efficient service, but once we serve you your meal, we want you to savour each bite and relish the flavours and textures. Come, see us in action and enjoy the Paradise experience at our Outlets in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag. We are opening soon in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Guntur and Warangal.

Paradise Biryani – Not a meal but an experience

There are needs and then there are desires. When you are thirsty, in this heat especially, you would want to drink a glass of cold water to quench that overpowering thirst. As you gulp down that cold water, it goes down your throat, soothing your parched being, and rehydrating each and every cell of your body, you are responding to a need. But when you are not thirsty to the point of getting dehydrated and you just want to drink something because you desire it, you would want a beverage of your choice and sip it slowly to experience the taste, the consistency and the coolness.

Well, that’s what desires are: they are not short-lived urges, but deep-rooted wishes – and we make some of them come true. Desires are an experience in themselves—if you have ever desired a Paradise Biryani and then had it, you know it is not a mere meal, it is an experience. Having Biryani at Paradise cannot be reduced to eating a meal when one is hungry. No, having Biryani at Paradise is an experience, a delightful, heady experience in which all five senses participate. Those who have experienced it never forget it.

It would not be an exaggeration but a truthful admission that when visiting friends or family in another city and ask them what you should bring from Hyderabad, they always ask for Paradise Biryani! For when you have Biryani at Paradise, you are taking part in a magical experience. The Salan adds more texture and spice to each mouthful and the Raita soothes the glow of fire that the spices kindle. It is no wonder then that having the Paradise Biryani is such a memorable experience.

Relive the experience that is Paradise Biryani at your nearest Outlet today. Spread the joy and share this one of a kind experience with friends and family, come dine at Paradise or pick up your favourites from our Takeaway counters and bring home some Paradise.

Take hunger away, and bring home some Paradise!

Hunger pangs can strike at any time. When you come back home late at night after a long day at work, when you and your family return from out of town after hours of travelling, when you are out on the road buying things for your household, or when it is your usual lunch or dinner time. And when you are hungry, you need proper food – snacks or a packet of chips just don’t make the cut.

As your stomach growls, reminding you of the extent of your hunger, and your brain starts conjuring images of unlimited buffet spreads making your mouth water, all you want is to eat something tasty, something that qualifies as a proper meal, something that is served hot, and most importantly, something that you like to eat – and you want it right now! And if that something is a thing that you love to eat, like the food at Paradise…

At such times of hunger, isn’t it amazing that you can have World’s Favourite Biyani and Salan? Or maybe, you prefer Naan with Dal Fry or Kheema Masala. Paradise is in the business of feeding people great food and that is why all our Outlets stay open till 11 pm so that our guests do not go hungry. And for those who are pressed for time, we offer a variety of options in our Delivery menu. So if you cannot take time out to cook a meal or eat out, well there’s a Paradise Takeaway near you!

Whether it is food for two or twenty, you can get freshly prepared food packed with special attention given to hygiene. The packed food stays warm even after hours and does not get spoilt or lose any of its taste or flavour. But you will definitely be spoilt for choice when you look at all the options in our delivery menu! There is your favourite biryani and all its variants, in all its combos and different sizes. Then you have our Kebabs; there are Indian vegetarian specialties and breads too. Here is a sweet surprise for you, Double ka Meetha and Qubani ka Meetha are in there too!

If you are hungry, and you are looking for a ready meal, come and choose from our Takeaway menu. We promise you that you will find what you are looking for! And if you are on a rescue mission to save hungry friends and family members, pick the thoughtfully designed Combos from our Takeaway and be their knight in shining armour. So, don’t go hungry, don’t compromise. Just walk into Paradise.

The making of the world’s favourite Biryani

What makes Paradise Biryani the World’s Favourite Biryani? You might hear several answers: finest ingredients, traditional cooking style, and a secret ingredient known only to a closed coterie of Chefs whose identities are classified. Most of them are right, except of course, the last one. In this post, we would like to give you the lowdown on our Biryani making process. In fact, if you prefer a video to a post, we have this amazing clip for you. Do share it with friends too.

The signature flavour of our Biryani is the result of four essential elements:

1. Finest Basmati rice: Rice quality makes or breaks the taste and texture of a Biryani, which is why we use the best long-grained Basmati rice you will find anywhere. We also focus equally on preparing the rice before cooking, spending time on carefully washing and soaking it for best results.

2. Tender meat and fresh vegetables: We source the most tender meat and fresh vegetables from a trusted network of suppliers. Our Quality Control procedures help us ensure that only top-grade meat and vegetables get into our kitchens. Our Chefs are particular about the way the meat and vegetables are cut and washed.

3. Premium marinade: Paradise Biryani is made with pure and premium ingredients. It is free of all artificial ingredients. To ensure quality, we make most of it in house – the Chilly Powder, the Ginger Garlic Paste etc. The formula for making the marinade and the exact proportions of spices are meticulously followed.

4. The Dum effect: We follow the traditional and timeless Dum style of cooking where rice and meat are cooked in layers to give our Biryani a uniquely balanced texture. This elaborate recipe infuses our Biryani with mouth-watering aroma and unforgettable taste.

We have been following the above practices steadfastly from our inception in 1953. Every thing remains the same – just as it was on the very first day we opened our doors. One common refrain you hear from people is that the Paradise Biryani has not changed in all these years. That true and it is because the Biryani making process has not changed – just like our passion.

Opening at Himayat Nagar

3O6B9354There was a time not long ago when one Paradise Food Court could easily meet the demands of food lovers. Now it appears even seven are not sufficient. As Hyderabad grew, so did our reputation as the home of finest Hyderabadi cuisine.  Paradise outlets are often packed to capacity every day of the week and guests have been asking for more outlets closer to where they live and work.

3O6B9392For our newest outlet, we chose a special location – the vibrant Himayat Nagar. One of the most happening areas in the middle of Hyderabad’s central business district, Himayat Nagar boasts of many retail stores, eateries and offices where the buzz of life never ceases. It is one of the most visited localities of the city that attracts people of all age groups for study, work, eating out and shopping.

3Given its popularity, the area strangely does not have many options if you are looking for a satisfying Biryani meal. So, here comes Paradise: our Himayat Nagar Food Court opened its doors on August 24, 2015. Designed keeping the urbane Hyderabadis in mind, the interiors of this Restaurant radiate a dazzlingly modern and majestic aura. The snappy service takes the Paradise experience to the next level.

Of course, the place offers great Hyderabadi cuisine that you have come to expect from Paradise. With its proximity to the residential neighbourhoods of Nallakunta and Basheerbagh, the place is a perfect venue for a quiet family dinner or a birthday lunch with friends. It is located right on the main road and you wont miss the glowing signage. Do visit our new outlet and let us know what you think.

Now Open at Frazer Town

People of Frazer Town, rejoice! One of the oldest suburbs in Bengaluru is now home to the newest Paradise Food Court. Located opposite RBANMS School on Mosque Road, the place is instantly recognizable for people who know the area and highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a flavourful bowl of the world’s favourite Biryani.02

With beautifully crafted interiors and timeless cuisine, this Restaurant offers a perfect vantage to treat oneself to delectable Hyderabadi cuisine. With a wonderful assortment of curries, sizzling Kebabs, delicious Biryanis and lip-smacking Desserts, the Restaurant has something for everyone. Being in a bustling residential and commercial suburb, this Food Court attracts families, students and working professionals.

1Our first Food Court in Bengaluru at Indiranagar was well-received and we have been receiving requests to open another Restaurant in Bengaluru. We hope our Frazer Town Food Court will cater to increasing demand for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. We have also worked on the constructive feedback we received from well-meaning guests at our Indiranagar Food Court.

At Paradise , we proceed cautiously in opening new outlets and we plan things to the last detail to ensure our guests enjoy the signature Paradise experience. Yet, all this planning does not make us any less excited. So, we are crossing our fingers and hoping that you would love the newest Paradise Food Court at Frazer Town.Do let us know your thoughts.