Traditionally yours!

In India, tradition is a part of everyone’s life. Be it the rituals and ceremonies or the way in which social customs and practices are preserved and passed on from generation to generation. The Paradise experience is no different. The Biryani here has been a household name for over half a century now. The youth of 1953 may now be the grandparent of 2016 but the taste of Paradise remains the same – to everyone’s delight.

If you walk into Paradise Outlets on a Saturday evening, you will notice two things at once: mostly delighted families seated at the different tables and the air rich with the aroma of Biryani. The sight makes you wish you were also eating dinner with your family. In fact, there are some families that have been visiting Paradise and enjoying the authentic Hyderabadi fare from three generations now.

Sometimes they all visit together and to the onlookers the place truly feels like Paradise: grandparents who may not recognise the surroundings much but who know the food as well as they know each other; parents who have been witness to the transformation of Paradise as much as Paradise has been a witness to theirs; children who love the food, the ambience, and of course, the Falooda!

They all appreciate Paradise for changing and keeping up with the times much like their own lives and lifestyles. But they love Paradise for not changing when it comes to the taste and quality of the fare, and the warm service. Paradise has always been family-friendly and we do everything to ensure that they enjoy good times. And this is why Paradise is everyone’s choice.

For isn’t Paradise the place where they celebrated little Aman’s first words? When the twins Sameer and Saima, both got into a college of their choice, didn’t Ammi insist that everyone go to Paradise to celebrate? And let’s not forget Vamsi’s first job promotion, this is where he treated his new wife. Countless marriage anniversaries, birthdays, engagements have been celebrated in our Restaurants over the decades.

The Paradise family has been privileged to be a part of your family’s cherished memories and hopes to be a part of many more. And what memories, what good times!


We are a family of thousands!

Today, Paradise is recognised by many as the soul of authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, a place that serves the world’s favourite Biryani. Food pundits look at us as the true cultural ambassadors of the Nizami cuisine, as one of the most admired food brands in the country. Most people, we assume, would find it hard to look at Paradise an employer.

With a couple of thousand employees, we are not only a big employer, but also a great one. If we did not have the right team, we wouldn’t have got where we are today. Chefs, kitchen staff, waiters, security and office personnel, everyone plays their part in ensuring that we delight our guests. Everyday, they live our values of honesty, hard work, hygiene and hospitality with passion.

At most of our Restaurants, work begins at 3 AM (yes, great food takes time) and ends around 12 AM. We have thousands of people working in shifts to consistently bring you the cuisine you love. We hire energetic people who have a natural flair for cuisine and service, people who always wear an endearing smile and ensure you leave smiling too.

Hiring the right people is only half the story. We invest heavily in training our employees to help them acquire the necessary skills to do their jobs well. We look after them like our family members. We encourage collaboration between teams to provide our guests with signature Paradise experience every time. Along with our guests, it is to them that we owe our success.