Paradise Whitefield off to a great start

sai_9595When you study the history of mankind, you learn that early man travelled to different places for food, protection, and shelter. Man’s quest for food and better shelter took him all over the earth and resulted in the birth and growth of different civilizations. Today, though we live in civilised society, people still travel for food, but what if food has travelled for you?

In matters of the heart, distance does make the heart grow fonder. But in matters of the stomach, why should distance deprive you of the joy of having flavourful Biryani? So, earlier if you lived in Whitefield, Bengaluru, you had to travel some distance to visit Paradise and enjoy our delectable Biryani and Kebabs. The good news is that you don’t have to anymore. Paradise has come right next door to you.

sai_9614When we opened our Whitefield outlet at Virginia Mall last week, we were overjoyed by your response. We can’t thank you enough for making the opening a big success. The last weekend saw thousands of guests enjoy the world’s favourite Biryani at our newest Food Court. With responsive service and convenient facilities, we have tried to make your visit to Paradise as friendly as possible.

At our Whitefield outlet, you can choose from a variety of Biryanis and Kebabs. If you are looking for an authentic Hyderabadi meal sans the Biryani, look no further than our wide-ranging selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Curries that go perfectly well with our Rotis and Naans. And don’t forget to sweeten your experience by having our Desserts, Qubani-ka-Meetha or Double-ka-Meeta.

Demonetisation Update: Go cashless and pay with your credit/debit card at our Outlets. We accept all credit and debit cards (Visa and Master only).


A new address in Bengaluru

There are 5 Paradise Food Courts in Bengaluru today. That’s surprising given that our first Food Court in Bengaluru opened only in January 2015. In just a year and half, we grew from one Outlet to six Outlets and that’s no mean feat. During the same time, we opened only 3 new Outlets in Hyderabad. That goes to show the demand for authentic Hyderabadi cuisine in Bengaluru in general and love for Paradise food in particular.

after-opening1Yet, visit any Food Court on any day of the week, you will see it packed to the rafters. More Outlets were long overdue. We are therefore happy to announce the opening of our newest Outlet in the centre of the Geekdom that is Whitefield (Virginia Mall). In addition to Big Data, we hope the discussions will soon turn to the Big Biryani we serve. We chose the location based on long deliberations and after receiving a lot of requests from guests. The Food Court also houses a Takeaway and we will offer home delivery via our partners: Swiggy,Zomato and Food Panda.

Whitefield is an exciting place. Although it could be said about many places in Bengaluru, Whitefield is predominantly known for the presence of IT multinationals that employ thousands of employees. We believe this Outlet will help us serve the finest Hyderabadi food to people from around the country. We are drawing on our experience in setting up several Food Courts last year to deliver the signature Paradise experience from Day one.

We invite to you visit our Paradise Food Court in Virginia Mall and enjoy cuisine that made us one of Garden City’s most popular family restaurants. Experience the world’s favourite Biryani, exquisite selection of Kebabs, and a delectable line up of Curries and Desserts. Our service is cordial and responsive, while the ambience sets the right tone for a relaxed meal.  Open 11 AM to 11 PM.

Thanks for the love!

The proof is here. Just before the launch of our Electronics City Food Court, we bet that this will become one of our most popular Outlets. We are happy to share the good news that food lovers greeted the opening with great enthusiasm. All through the week, we saw a steady stream of guests walking in to enjoy the “world’s favourite Biryani” and more.

IMG-20160505-WA0033Guests liked the clean, bright and spacious interiors. For over a year now, people have been appreciating our warm hospitality. Encouraged by this, we hired a team of energetic and well-trained personnel to make sure you enjoy gracious and responsive service in our Electronics City Outlet too. All this means that you can count on us for delightful meal outings.

The Ground Floor houses the Paradise Takeaway where you can choose from over 70 dishes, including the increasingly popular Combos. These are perfect for a relaxed weekend meal at home. Here, you can also buy specially baked biscuits and other baked foods. If you love munching a biscuit with tea, get yourself a pack of our Osmania and Khara biscuits – you will love them.

A Hyderabadi meal is a luxurious and memorable experience. A lot of time, skill, and passion goes into its making. Walk in to our 6th and newest Electronics City Outlet in Bengaluru to indulge in this ultimate culinary experience. We promise to offer you good food, great service and happy times – and, not to forget, lasting memories. Open 11 AM to 11 PM. Next to SJR Equinox.

Time for a high five!

Well, time flies and how fast! Some people live their life week to week or month to month, but for the last one year, we have been living ours opening to opening. We opened 4 new Food Courts in Bengaluru over the last year and a half. Each new location is almost like a new beginning and it requires careful planning and diligent execution to ensure that it meets your high expectations.

IMG-20160227-WA0000When we look back on all the progress we made, we couldn’t be happier. All our Restaurants have become instantly popular, which goes to show how much Bengalureans appreciate high-quality Hyderabadi cuisine. From quite some time, we have been hearing that there aren’t enough outlets. So, here’s the good news: we are opening our 5th Food Court at JP Nagar! Located on the 24th Main Road near Mayura Circle in the leafy residential neighbourhood of J.P. Nagar, our new Food Court is conveniently accessible to people who have made this area their home. The Restaurant features spacious and colourful interiors to create the perfect mood for a relaxed meal. The Takeaway is conveniently located on the Ground Floor to help people grab a quick parcel home.

The Restaurant and Takeaway serve over 60 marvels that came out of Hyderabadi kitchens. Here, you can enjoy the world’s famous Biryani, tuck into delightful Kebabs, and savour the stimulating taste of the Irani Chai. Every dish on the menu is a connoisseur’s delight, made by top Chefs committed to serving the finest Hyderabadi cuisine. Do check out our new Restaurant today!