The joys of June: Great food and monsoon!

What a month June has been! What a wonderful and auspicious start this week has had with Eid being celebrated all over. We served our bowls of Haleem one last time. The pouring rain made the temperatures drop and made the weather ideal for savouring Haleem and for digging into steaming Paradise Biryani.

Our guests enjoyed this combination of cold weather and hot food across our Outlets, especially at the recently re-opened NTR Gardens outlet. We welcome all your visits and truly appreciate your making Paradise a part of your weekend enjoyment. Looks like the combination of movies and food remains the favourite of folks in Hyderabad.

So, we thank you for making the relaunch of our NTR Gardens Outlet a big success. We were happy to see you enjoy those cups of Irani chai as you caught up with friends and family. Many guests appreciated the luxurious interiors and first-rate service. The Bakery has also become quite popular with tourists and Hyderabadis alike.

It was a pleasure to serve you your Paradise favourites whether it was the Biryani, Kebabs, Naans or curries. We have always believed that food business is good business as nothing compares to the joy of serving good food to people who appreciate it and enjoy it with their loved ones! This week gave us another proof—not that we needed one.


The show goes on!

Among other things, more often than not, weekends or an evening out in Hyderabad involve one or both of the two—eating out and catching the latest movie. Both provide much-needed respite from the humdrum routine of daily life and offer a momentary peek into a different world. Movies do that by creating a visual narrative that captures your imagination. And eating out does that by creating a world where taste buds are treated to something more luxurious than the usual fare at home.

What if we could combine Hyderabad’s two passions? Well, our NTR Gardens Food Court located right next to Prasads IMAX is re-opening after a long renovation job. What better way there is, to celebrate time away from work than by catching a movie at Prasads and dropping in right next door for a mouth-watering Biryani?

This is a very special location as it is connected to some of the city’s greatest landmarks: NTR Gardens, Hussain Sagar Lake and Lumbini Park. These places have been on every tourist’s list of must-see places in Hyderabad. They can now enjoy the landmark Hyderabadi dish right here without having to worry about driving down or booking a cab to someplace else. With this renovation, we managed to improve on the grand interiors that our old Outlet was known for.

If you want to relish your Biryani first before catching the latest movie in town, you could do that conveniently at the Paradise NTR Gardens Outlet, which is open seven days a week from 11 am to 11 pm. For our second innings at this location, we have added a well-stocked Bakery alongwith an Irani chai counter as well as a Takeaway. Special callout to the tourists, lack of time will not deprive you of the joy of Paradise Biryani! Walk into our NTR Gardens Outlet and discover the incomparable magic of Hyderabadi cuisine.